Nokia 2730 PAYG Mobile £40 at TescoDirect on O2, T-M

Nokia 2730 PAYG Mobile £40 at TescoDirect on O2, T-M

Found 15th Jun 2010
in-store for 60 but less than 40 at TD on T-Mobile or O2; vodafone is 50 but will probably drop in price too.

a pretty decent if basic phone - quad GSM, dual 3G, bluetooth, radio, camera!

can buy online or order at the Tesco Direct desk in most Tescos


Does this do wi-fi without going through the phone network???


Does this do wi-fi without going through the phone network???

No wi-fi.


i think Tesco it not welcome you in anycase if you wouldnt like your mobile as soos as you break the seal!! so some it might happend to anyone that they do want to return the item! but tesco wont take it back even they have a return policy so if anyone buys it please becarful!:)

good phone

Not in stock?

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sorry, for some reason the link to product broke; have fixed it, works now

follow the link in my 2nd post to full spec

I am picking one up tomorrow so I will comment if I find anything unusual about it

These were £35 on Tesco mobile (using o2 network).
Got one for some one else.
Tesco Direct is useless - website is poor and phone help was just plain wrong.
The phone is ok - a solid enough basic phone at a nice price.

This is a really nice phone had it 3/4 months so far so good.
ok price good deal heat added.

These are good phones - we got an O2 one from Tesco Direct when they were £47 and I'm really pleased.
Proper 3.5mm earphone socket, good screen, micro-sd socket for photos and MP3s, radio....

Be aware that if you want O2, you need to buy a proper O2 phone, even if you buy it from Tesco (which I believe these are).
Although Tesco Mobile network uses the O2 system, you can't put an O2 SIM in a Tesco Mobile phone, as its somehow locked to Tesco Mobile only and won't allow the use of O2 sims, even though it iuses the O2 network.

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I bought the O2 one, not the TescoMobile one, but I will be unlocking it anyway; I will report on it. Seems like the Cambridge/Milton Tesco doesn't get their delivery until the afternoon so it won't be available for collection until 4pm+

Remeber if you buying this handset and wanting it unlocked it's not a cheap unlock £25 plus and has to be sent away so bear that in mind if your buying it might be cheaper to buy it already locked to the network your wanting it on


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didn't have phone with me but a market stall unlocker said they'd do it for £10, which would be great.

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what's in the box?
- phone
- battery
- charger (cube style one)
- corded headset
- instructions
- SIM card and activation "ticket"

no data cable - takes microUSB type same as most Nokias these days - doesn't charge through USB
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