Nokia 3250 - Term Cost of £30 or less on Vodafone
Nokia 3250 - Term Cost of £30 or less on Vodafone

Nokia 3250 - Term Cost of £30 or less on Vodafone

PhoneBoxDirect have the Nokia 3250 Music Phone with 11 months free line rental on a 12 month contract. It's on the vodafone network. For £30 (after cashback) you get the 3250, 12 months line rental (after which you can cancel) and 200 x-net mins per month on Vodafone Anytime 200.

The Nokia 3250 music phone's unique design twists 180 degrees to transform a traditional phone keypad into dedicated music keys. Using the Nokia Audio Manager software you can drag and drop up to 1 gigabyte (approx 750 songs) from your CD and MP3 music collection. An FM radio with Visual Radio client is included and the 3230 has a 3.5mm stereo headphone connector promising high quality audio playback. The Nokia 3250 has a 2 megapixel camera and the display rotates into landscape mode when the keypad is twisted 90 degrees. Images can be instantly shared with others via MMS, or printed on a compatible printer via Bluetooth wireless technology. The 3250 is based on the Symbian Series 60 OS and has an extended battery time with a minimum of 10 hours music playback.

This offer works by cashback, which you claim from PhoneBoxDirect at specified intervals. If you wish, you can purchase via QuidCo.com for an extra £30 in cashback, which means the whole thing works out as FREE!!


[SIZE=2]Nice find, Ducky. I’ve been watching deals on this phone a lot recently, as it’s high on my hitlist … had a ‘Clearance’ one from OSPS recently, but their highly trained engineers failed to spot the 3 faults that I found on it when they individually tested it before it was sent out - yeh, right! Hence, it was returned!

For me, the only trouble with this particular deal is that Vodaphone don’t include texts with most of their plans. Oh, and I’m not too confident on PBD delivering the promised cashbacks.

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This is still available!! Remember that it's the Vodafone Anytime 200 tariff with 11 months free line rental. It's a few tariffs down the list.

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