Nokia 5140i PAYG - Just £19.99 on easyMobile when you buy £30 airtime!! £15 QuidCo cashback!!

Nokia 5140i PAYG - Just £19.99 on easyMobile when you buy £30 airtime!! £15 QuidCo cashback!!

Found 19th Aug 2006
**Taken from the easyMobile clearance thread... thanks Edi!!**

easyMobile have the Nokia 5140i on pay as you go in their clearance section for just £19.99 when you purchase £30 airtime from them (total package price of £49.99 - still a brilliant price for this GREAT phone!!). Purchase via for a VERY generous £15 cashback, so really you're paying just £4.99 for this amazing cameraphone designed for those who need a heavy-duty mobile.

I cannot link dircetly to this deal. You can access the clearance section by visiting the easyMobile website via the "go to deal" button or QuidCo and click on "Click here to view all phones" near the top-right of the screen then click the "clearance" button across the top of the next page. There's loads of bargains there as well as this one, so go ahead and take a look!!

The Nokia 5140i is an updated and improved version of the nokia 5140. The difference with the previous model are a new 65,000 colour display, Xpress audio messaging, MP3 ringtones and some updates of the preinstalled applications. The Nokia 5140i's protectve cover gives resistance to the elements and protection against accidental bumps, making it ideal for outdoor use. All the usual Nokia camerphone features are included; VGA camera, video player, stereo radio, poly and MP3 ringtones, MMS, Java, XHTML browser, and Xpress-on shells. It has a few unique features too, including Push To Talk, a fitness coach, digital compass, thermometer, decibel meter, new animated menu graphics, flashlight and extensive calendar.


not in stock but it's £29.94 When bought with £20.00 air time
anyway thanks.. I was looking to buy this phone from them... maybe they will have stock soon

Thanks ducky :thumbsup:

Best phone I've ever had, still the only unbroken one in the phone(junk) drawer, bombproof.

When will Nokia make a new equivalent?

I have a 6630 in a silicone case now, dropped a couple of times and standing up well, but not had the abuse the 5140 took.
Menus a bit dated now, and no memory card, but I'd have another one for work.

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I don't know when it'll be released or what the durability will be like, but it seems this is the 5140i's successor:

The Nokia 5500 Sport is splash and dust resistant. It has a stainless steel body and rubber grips, ideal for those with an active lifestyle. The 5500 Sport is no ordinary phone, it's a Symbian OS smartphone packed with features such as a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, EDGE, MP3 player, FM radio and microSD card support. It has three working modes which can be interchanged with a quick press of a button. Choose; Phone mode, Music mode or Sport mode. In Sport mode you have access to special features such as a pedometer, calorie monitor and stopwatch. The Nokia 5500 Sport also has a text-to-speech module and the phone will read you the status of your workout or the contents of your incoming messages during a workout.

It's already available for pre-order on o2 at - 12 months half price line rnetal: Total term cost (12 months) of £180. £30 QuidCo cashback too!!

Seen as it's that cheap I'm hoping it'll be a lot cheaper when it's actually released later this month!! When it is, I'll be posting it here on HUKD!! :thumbsup:

looking forward to this phone (if is cheap)

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Well I presume it won't be any dearer than that. I spotted it at the end of last month and have checked every day since to see if it had been released yet, lol. I can't wait to pounce!!

[SIZE=2]That definitley looks like a replacement, thanks dm2. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Scales have been clicked :thumbsup: (edit: seems I got to spread it around, sorry)[/SIZE]
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