Nokia 5500 sport - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!
Nokia 5500 sport - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!

Nokia 5500 sport - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit!

Nokia 5500 sport [2MP camera, Bluetooth, Stainless steel casting]- 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit !

Nokia 5500 sport is available for 12 months Free on 12 month contract @ CoolNewMobile. Tariff is Vodafone Crossnet 500 & 250 SMS including 500 Cross Network Minutes & 250 texts/ month. Go via Quidco for £35 cashback which is a profit !

Cashback : £420.00 cashback, to be claimed in 5 stages. Very reliable cashback from CoolNewMobile which I can personally vouch. You should send 'original' airtime bills within 30 days (by recorded delivery). You will get an email confirmation when the claim is received and another one when the claim is successful.

Nokia 5500 : The Nokia 5500 Sport mobile phone has been created for anyone with an active lifestyle. This durable camera phone is ready for almost anything, thanks to its shock resistant, water resistant and dust resistant stainless steel casing. The handset has three separate modes - phone, music and sports - with a dedicated key to let you swap between them.

2 Megapixel Camera with 4x Zoom & Self Timer | Stainless Steel Body | MP3 Player With FM Radio | 64MB Built-In Memory | Bluetooth | Java Downloadable Applications | Weight: 103 g | Dimensions: 107x45x18 mm | Talktime : Upto 4 Hours | Standby : Upto 270 Hours


just a quick note to say that this is a fantastic phone, HOWEVER there is a fault that the keypad will come away after a while - whether this has been addressed in newer builds (i got mine day 1) i don't know, but I took it to an O2 shop and they fixed it within a week and now it's great again.

Will also take a 2GB memory card, despite the website saying 1GB max.

A very cool feature is that you can tap the phone to read a text message, so it's good for hands free.
you can also use the tapping for controlling music, but i found it annoying cos when it's in my pocket, the change rattling against it was mistaken for tapping so i couldn't listen to songs without it skipping to the next track or pausing.

If you get the phone, go to the nokia website and download the sms patch too, as otherwise the phone goes slow when you have a lot of sms's stored, but it's fine with the quick patch.

hope that helps!!

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[SIZE=2]Thanks for the detailed feedback hairychad, much appreciated :thumbsup: [/SIZE]


and if like me you still dont understand the cash back thingy.. there is a landline number for them( got it via say no to 0870)01270755322 spoke to a very helpfull chap

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