nokia 5530 clearance phone £40(total) for 18 months

nokia 5530 clearance phone £40(total) for 18 months

Found 21st Apr 2010

I was looking for a new mobile and unsure what to get/look for as I don't make many calls/send many texts. I stumbled across this deal on

£20 per month, 100 mins, 100 texts and [UNLIMITED WEB BROWSING with 16 months cash back by redemption

Obviously if you're someone who uses a mobile a lot then this is not the deal for you - but it's fine for me

hope this helps someone!

cs x


urgh redemption hoops

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Maybe I'm just lucky, but this will be my 3rd redemption contract. (my 1st was with t-mobile) Never had any problems before - probably should have checked out this firm first. Hopefully the reviews on the company won't be too bad!


I have 2 redemptions going at present and have just finished one. you do need to be really organised for these to work. I missed one cashback on a previous redemption when I got the dates confused and I was caught out on 1 old one when cool new mobile went bust. I still think these are worth the gamble but definitely not for those that cannot afford the monthly price if the cashback goes wrong.
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dont forget Quidco for £50 cashback also.
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