Nokia 6111 PAYG - £90.99 or less!!  £80.99 with discount code!! IT'S BACK!!

Nokia 6111 PAYG - £90.99 or less!! £80.99 with discount code!! IT'S BACK!!

Found 22nd Jul 2006

LXDirect have the Nokia 6111 (black) for £90.99. You can have a play with the voucher codes listed on HUKD to try and get the price down, such as the one below. Remember that vouchers only work on your account once. It's on T-Mobile Pay As You Go. You can claim 4.5% extra cashback by purchasing via if you wish too!!

Cat no: PF310Y
Discount Code: ZG983 (£13.50 off!!)

The Nokia 6111 blends technology with a sophisticated look and feel. It has a 1 megapixel camera and flash, and a 6x digital zoom. The 262,000 colour screen can display pictures in either portrait or landscape mode. In addition to its ergonomic design, the 6111 offers a number of new messaging options. Push to talk functionality connects to groups or individuals at a push of a button while Nokia Xpress audio messaging enables sharing of voice clips and greetings with friends and family. Pictures can be conveniently shared via MMS, Bluetooth or email.


"Sorry, we are unable to process this promotion code, contact us by email or telephone"

it appears the codes listed have expired

ZG codes are for first time purchasers, if you've already bought from them, you need to use a ZQ code.

The above codes dont work. I've tried other codes for existing customers and they dont work. Is anyone else having difficulty using the above codes?

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Welcome to HUKD real deal. :thumbsup:

I'm now going to remove reference to all of the codes from my post. It's worth trying some and if anyone has any luck then let me know and I'll add it in.

Still a good price mind!!

I have managed to purchase one for £80.99 using one of the codes.

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I have managed to purchase one for £80.99 using one of the codes.

Can you remember which one??

If you are not an existing LXD customer, you can use any of the codes starting with ZG.
If you are an existing customer (like me) use the codes starting with ZQ. I used ZQ1209 and paid 84.49. Thanks ducky for the tip!
[COLOR=Red] ***Note: You can use any of the codes at LXD only once per account***[/COLOR]

I finally managed to get one for 80.99. i used ZG983(13.50 off). Thanks ducky for this spot. I was gutted when i missed out the first time.


When It Finally Accepts A Code And Deducts Some Money All It Does On The Payment Page Is Say The Charge Will Be What It Was Before The Discount Code Was Applied, It Comes Out To About £94 Everytime, Has Anyone Actually Checked This Out.

Yes, I did check this when I ordered with LXD last time.
LXD will charge you £94 for the transaction. They will separately refund the amount deducted with the promotion code, after checking the code. If you used the same code twice, you get no refund. If you have used the code for new customers (all codes that start with ZG) but you are an existing customer, you get no refund, even though the code was accepted at the checkout screen. These are just a few examples. Since I am an existing customer, I used the proper code (starting with ZQ), so I don't have to worry about the refund. They refund the money usually within 3 to 7 days after the order has been processed.
Hope this helps.

Note: I think ducky should add that £80.99 is for new customers only, not for all customers!

it says in stock but when go to step 2 (when deliver) it says : this product is out of stock...

Back in stock again now

Thanks to AM999 for the pointer. :thumbsup:

I ordered this mobile as an existing customer(not sure where my post is about it, but never mind) and used the code ZQ6022 and got for under £80, even more of a discount as I went through quidco, this is black one.

1 "Nokia 6111" mobile phone PF310Y*
£ 90.99
Order Discount
£ -15.00

Sub Total £ 90.99
Total Discount £ -15.00
Delivery £ 3.50
Total Including Delivery £ 79.49.
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