Nokia 6120 - Three - £15 a month 6 month contract

Nokia 6120 - Three - £15 a month 6 month contract

Found 28th May 2009
Going to risk posting this as this phones just reappeared on the three website. Last mention was Feb. Decent spec phone for not a lot of money. Runs Symbian software

Nokia 6120
With the Mix & Match 300 plan, you get 300 minutes or texts
or any mix of the two - anytime, any network

Also 300 3 to 3 minutes and free Skype-to-Skype calls

6 month minimum contract (Grey Area so make sure you screen print everything)

Not guaranteed but remember to try RAF and Quidco. Speak to customer services online for a £20 accessory voucher.


Seems a good deal to me - i was looking at the inq1 (facebook) phone was only i think 100 minutes last weekend for the same cost!

lovely fone

Never ever ever enter into one of threes 6 month contracts!

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Never ever ever enter into one of threes 6 month contracts!

Why never ever?

When it comes to cancel It will take you ages on the phone to even get them to agree it was a 6 month contract , they will then pass you from one dept to another till you give up trying to cancel.

I agree, don't think dealing with 3 will be easy. In fact, save yourself the hassle and don't deal with 3 at all.

I gave up trying to cancel my three mobile over the phone.

Sent them a recorded delivery letter and got a letter back to confirm

Some people either worry too much or are far too easy to fob off.... its simple:

1. Keep evidence of absolutely everything - screen prints, recordings of calls (who cares if they aren't admissible in court, it'll never get there) etc

2. Read, understand and STICK TO the t&c's of the contract.

3. When it is time to cancel if you have any trouble just put it in writing with your evidence from part 1 and send it special delivery.

It really is that easy.

When we cancelled it wasn't too much hassle. A couple of calls... It took longer to get a pac code from orange pay as you go! I think whoever you deal with you are bound to have hassle....Unless you stick with them.


Cancelled my 6 month today, took 28 minutes and it wasn't that much hassle. But I was using bluetooth. Just try and be friendly

I vote Hot as the same call plan on sim only is £10 a month
so your getting a decent phone for £30 basically as long as you
dont mind the relatively short 6 month contract.


Never ever ever enter into one of threes 6 month contracts!

Tis no longer a problem. The very first 6 month contracts were actually 18 month contracts with the option of leaving after 6 months - hence why they lied and cheating to try and trick you, I had problems as I got these 6 month contracts and had to assure them I was not delusional.

No longer the case now, cancelling 6 month contract should be Ok.

This is not a bad deal, £90 over 6 months plus about £30 via quidco. So £60 overall.

Back when I got these - a long time ago, there was RAF aswell, so I ended up getting the phone and the mins for free as I referred myself so £60 into my pocket.

Still wouldn't touch 3 though.

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Can you leave anytime between month 6-18?


Can you leave anytime between month 6-18?

After 6 months its basically becomes a rolling contract, just like it would at the end of a 12 or 18 month contract, until you tell them to cancel

Why you would want to stay with 3 after 6 months once the contract is ended however is beyond me.

Tried to cancel and after about 20 mins on the phone they said that I was a "loyal customer" and offered me Mix and Match 1100 (with extra 300 3-3 mins) for £10/month. Stayed with them and very very happy!! :thumbsup:

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Did you get a phone as well?
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