Nokia 6230i on Virgin Mobile - £0 over 12 months plus £50 cashback via quidco!

Nokia 6230i on Virgin Mobile - £0 over 12 months plus £50 cashback via quidco!

Found 18th Mar 2007
Get the phone, 50 mins and 100 texts a month for nothing via phonespots £240 cashback. Plus make £50 profit via Quidco!

The Nokia 6230i mobile phone is the successor of the highly popular Nokia 6230. Visually they look-a-like but that is where the similarities end. The 6230i features a far higher resolution 1.3 megapixel camera that can be used to capture video or produce stunning 1280 x 1024 pixel images. These can then be saved to the upgraded internal memory (30MB) and sent via multimedia message or Bluetooth to a contact.

The Nokia 6230i can also be used to play MP3s run Java applications and surf the Internet. The 6230i is a fantastic all-round device just like the handset it updates.

NB: Please note that due to handset availability colour may vary between black white and graphite.


Thanks londonthing98

There is a £19.99 charge for the handset. IMO, by giving a very low monthly allowance (50 mins / month) they expect you to go over the limit and end up paying 20-40p/min for calls.

Good deal for those who look for an additional handset / number to mainly receive calls. PLUS, very reliable cashback from e2save (CPW) group.

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Thanks Edi. On the homepage it does say the handset is now free. I don't think the link page has been updated as when I went to buy it the handset was free and they did not take any payment.

Much better 6230i deal via

300 minutes, 450 texts on Orange. 12 months free, 12 month contract. I know, I took it out last week!

It's therefore cold from me...

Carphone Warehouse (inc e2save, PhoneSpot & OSPS) are very reliable for cashback

I would suggest this 6230i deal from CarphoneWarehouse (click image for direct link)

Term cost £84 + £35 Quidco cashback | 250 x-net mins & 100 texts / month (12m contract)
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