Nokia 6230i PAYG mobile - £75.49 delivered (with trade-in)

Nokia 6230i PAYG mobile - £75.49 delivered (with trade-in)

Found 21st Oct 2006
This is a fantastic phone and a great price, I recently traded mine in and have regretted it ever since, easily unlockable and very functional, a great buy!


and have regretted it ever since

LOL? So if you regreted it so much why should we buy it :-D

I think he means he regrets trading it in for a different phone ;-)

Oh yes.. reading things a bit weird.. Oops..

Agree with cycleman,this is one of the best phones that Nokia have taken out and the 6230.Nokia have taken some rubbish phones out but this one and the 6230 are real winners and very easy to use,upgrade & unlock.:)

Original Poster

Uh yes, just bought another one, sorry if that wasn't clear....

Anyone know why on the page it says Total Price £75.49*

Can't work out how they got to that price when its £10 trade in and £9.50 off using 10% off code.

£85.49 after using GET10 code.

Further £10 off for trade-in

O... I'm thick :oops:

2.5% off charged amount on quidco so it's £73 which considering how many Nokia's are now unlockable, is very tempting.
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