Nokia 6230i Pink/Red/White "Cath Kidston" Edition on Virgin PAYG - £109.99 + £10 FREE airtime.
Nokia 6230i Pink/Red/White "Cath Kidston" Edition on Virgin PAYG - £109.99 + £10 FREE airtime.

Nokia 6230i Pink/Red/White "Cath Kidston" Edition on Virgin PAYG - £109.99 + £10 FREE airtime.

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The Carphone Warehouse have the new Nokia 6230i "Cath Kidston" limited edition in Pink, Red or White on Virgin pay as you go for just £109.95, with £10 FREE airtime!! So in effect, the phone's costing you just £99.95. Purchase via QuidCo.com for £5 in cashback. Delivery is FREE!!

The Cath Kidston Nokia 6320i mobile phone adds vintage-inspired designs to Nokia's much-loved handset. The result is a truly distinctive camera phone that stands out from the crowd, offering the choice of Cath's popular Bird, Star and Pop Flowers patterns.

Mind you, the Nokia 6320i was an outstanding phone even before Cath Kidston added her colourful styling to the outside. Its 1.3 megapixel camera (which can also record video clips) produces photos that are good enough to print. 32MB of built-in memory provides plenty of space, while an MMC card slot lets you add more storage.

All that memory isn't just for images - it can be used for music, thanks to the phone's music player. The Cath Kidston Nokia 6320i has an FM radio too. Plus there are Bluetooth, infrared and USB connections, making this flamboyant phone incredibly versatile. And there's email, 3D games, a mobile internet browser, voice controls and a calendar that'll synchronise with your PC.

The original Nokia 6320i was a great all-round phone, whether you wanted it for personal use or for business. Cath Kidston's exclusive prints have turned this award-winning camera phone into a fashion handset as well.


Always with the pink phones ducky! But I do like the nokias... fave make

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Yeah, I do find Nokias easy to use. I used to only have Nokias but I'm a Sony Ericsson boy now... either way, it's all good. I find them a lot easier to use than Motorolas.

I like Nokia, but my Sony is like a swiss army knife for the amount of functions it offers!

Used a Samsung before and although good, it was fashion over functionality. And the camera broke when I dropped it

these cath kidston phones seem like a rip off to me, they are extremely old phones that are quite a bti over priced, newer, better specced phones are available for less. the 6230i must be more than 2 years old now.

however of course if you are a fan of nokia or want to have some extra plastic stuck on, im not here to stop you. it just seems they are doing this last bit of branding to get rid of old stock.



Who is she anyway? :thinking:

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Seems to be a fashion designer. More, she makes patterened materials.

I still love the 6230i!! It's a brilliant phone. As for the 6111, a lot of my girlie friends like the shape of it, and especially the pink. Hehe.
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