Nokia 6230i (refurb) - 11 months free line rental on a 12 month contract + QuidCo profit!!
Nokia 6230i (refurb) - 11 months free line rental on a 12 month contract + QuidCo profit!!

Nokia 6230i (refurb) - 11 months free line rental on a 12 month contract + QuidCo profit!!


OneStopPhoneShop have the refurbished Nokia 6230i with 11 months free line rental on a 12 month contract (after cashback). So, for £30 (after cashback), you get the refurbished Nokia 6230i (for FREE!!), 12 months line rental (after which you can cancel), 200 x-net minutes per month, 75 text messages every month and 50 Orange2Orange off-peak minutes every month too on Orange's "Canary 30" tariff!!

This offer works by cashback which you claim from OneStopPhoneShop at specified intervals. If you wish you can purchase via QuidCo.com who will give you £37.50 in extra cashback, meaning that you can make a net profit of £7.50!! Remember to cancel itemised billing if you don't want it as Orange charge £1.50 per month for this service. Remember to cancel the insurance if you don't want it as it's quite expensive. As usual, send claims recorded/special delivery as soon as you get the bill and you'll be fine. OneStopPhoneShop are owned by the Carphone Warehouse and their cashback is pretty reliable.

The Nokia 6230i mobile phone looks very much like the award-winning loved-by-everyone Nokia 6230. Of course, as you would expect from Nokia, there is much more to this new handset than a design makeover. Lets investigate.

The most dramatic change is the new camera. It will now take 1.3 megapixel photos and can record video clips. The screen has also been improved - its brighter and clearer - and there is a new animated menu that takes full advantage of this. In addition, the built-in memory has been boosted, with a memory card slot offering room for expansion. The FM radio has even been updated to include Nokias interactive visual radio service.

As for the rest... well, there was not much that needed changing, although you will find a few tweaks here and there. There are still Bluetooth, infrared and USB connections, making the Nokia 6230i incredibly versatile. Additionally theres email, an MP3 music player, some clever contacts options, 3D games, voice controls and a calendar. If you want a mobile phone for business, the Nokia 6230i does everything and does not look out of place. If you want entertainment, the Nokia 6230i is up for some fun. An incredibly popular mobile phone has just become even more desirable.


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See the link in my signature at the bottom of this post for feedback on OneStopPhoneShop.

Clearance Product

By using reconditioned/clearance stock, we are able to offer you even further savings.
These items are either ex-demonstration, trial or mail order returned. These are not flawed products although they may carry very minor cosmetic marks. For your peace of mind, each and every handset has been quality inspected by our engineers & reconditioned if necessary. Each handset also comes with a full years manufacturers warranty.
Please note that reconditioned handsets are usually repackaged once tested and do not come in the original branded box. These products are only packaged with a manual and charger, other accessories and memory cards are not guaranteed.

First post on this site (which I think is great so far) and was just wondering if anyone has had dealings with OSPS as doing a google search on "onestopphoneshop cashback" threw up some worrying reports of them not paying cashback. Most of the reports are old ones so they may have had problems in the past but there are some recent ones so was wondering if anyone had any experience of them?

I think it’s fair to say that OSPS haven’t got the best reputation when it comes to paying out cash back claims. That said I personally had a cash back deal with them a year or so ago & I did receive all of the payments without any real hassle. With any of the companies that are offering cash back you have to stick to their terms & conditions to the letter & when you send in your claim make sure to send it via registered post (special delivery).
There is always lots of talk about these cash back deals on the telephone board over on the money saving expert forum…you may want to have a look there before you make your mind up.

All the best.

first reply on this since joining so hope it works out. unfortunatley had dealings with them and had to get Orange to put pressure on them to sort out problems. did actually get cash back but they treat you like dirt if you have other problems.

Which is the best cashback site?

Best cash back I've heard of is with Car Phone Ware House :santa:


Do you mean CPW or E2save?

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But the better the reliability, the worse the deals. So it's hard to win.

In all honest the majority of cashback deals arise. The problems arise when people miss claims, forget them, they arrive late or get lost. Now then, some companies have VERY tricky T&Cs where you have to make lots of claims and have a short space of time to send the claims in. But companies like The Link, Carphone Warehouse, e2save and OneStopPhoneShop where you get 30 days or more to send back your bills are deemed more "reliable". This is mainly because it's "easier".

The main rule is to check off on a calendar or diary when each bill has to be sent off. Send the relevant bills back the DAY you receive them, and send them RECORDED DELIVERY or, if possible, special delivery.
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