Nokia 6230i - Term cost of £36 or less on Virgin at CPW!! As little as £0.00!!
Nokia 6230i - Term cost of £36 or less on Virgin at CPW!! As little as £0.00!!

Nokia 6230i - Term cost of £36 or less on Virgin at CPW!! As little as £0.00!!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£36
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
This should be best every offer on Nokia 6230i in CPW.

12 month contract | £2.99 per month for 12 months | 200 inclusive anytime x-net minutes | 300 inclusive text messages

Term Cost £36 (£0 after Quidco Cashback).

This offer works by cashback which you claim from The Carphone Warehouse at specified intervals.
CPW cashback is 100% reliable if you do actually send the claim, and you get a whopping 60 day period to send it in. - raj75


Nice find, seems CPW are getting rid of old stock to make room for new.

thanks OP,

is the 6230i easy to unlock?

I've known phones for Virgin contracts from CPW to be unlocked, so it might not be locked.

If it is have a gander @ unlockme.co.uk/

It's easy to unlock the 6230i from Orange - that's the only network I've tried but there was no problem.

Thanks for posting this!!

Great deal - thanks.

:thumbsup: great find, but please everyone be aware that this is a chequeback deal and not to expect to just be pay £2.99 per month. Still a great deal for one of nokias finest:thumbsup:

I've just signed up for it - I already have a better phone so I'm gonna sell the phone on ebay and make some cash, unlock my phone and use the sim as my current contract ends soon.

Thanks for the tip!:)

Free Clearance Nokia 6230i on Orange Canary 30 £30/month 250mins/75sms with 11months free line rental (£330 cashback) with £50 quidco = £20 profit from a CPW owned company:

Not as good as that virgin offer in terms of inclusive minutes and texts though overall.

And possibly, but not confirmed, free capped-broadband as well, as there are mentions of people on 12month contract sometimes getting free broadband too, not guaranteed though as it is advertised as on 18month contracts only.
Can anyone with virgin confirm what their free broadband offer is like, how it works etc, so people who got the original offer know what they can get?

Well I've signed up for the offer over the phone.
Delivery on 18th December as it's a gift for the wife, so won't be paying for a month with no use!
Will see what the Cheque-Back service is like when I get there.
Great offer and GREAT WEB-SITE:thumbsup:

Placed an order for this phone on 18/11/06
arrived few days later. As of today 11/12/06 my phone has still not been enabled onto the pay monthly contract.
Spoken to cpw and virgin on numerous occasions explaining the problem.
Neither seem to care all they say is there is a communication problem between themselves AND WILL TRY TO RECTIFY.
Visited cpw shop in person to solve this dillemma again still no solution they just told me keep switching phone on and off.
All he could say was if it does not get activated then ive got a phone for free.
I give in.

That's a bit of a palava!!

blue & lettiecfw - welcome to the forums.

The "Go to the deal" link isn't working?

I think the deal may have expired, I'm not 100% sure - Ducky can maybe check it out for you

Just noticed the date of the original post….I guess the deal will be over by now.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

anyone got their £27 automatic chequeback yet? should get it within 60 days

Also this deal does not appear to be listed on their chequeback deals for Nov 2006. If anyone has any problems the "Tarriff is VR30 variation W1229"

Carphone Warehouse Chequeback section appear to have no details of this deal......
Just spent 45 mins on the phone to them. Anyone had any money from them?
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