Nokia 6233 (6230i sucessor) Black/Silver 12Months Free Rental on Orange Canary 40 300mins/100sms

Nokia 6233 (6230i sucessor) Black/Silver 12Months Free Rental on Orange Canary 40 300mins/100sms

Found 8th Dec 2006
FREE Nokia 6233 (6230i sucessor) Black or Silver & 12Months Free Rental on Orange Canary 40 300mins/100sms from TheMobileOutlet

Specifications for the Nokia 6233 business phone:
Band: Quadband, WCDMA 2100Mhz, GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz GSM & 3G with automatic seemless switching between bands
Size: 108x46x18mm (81cc)
Weight: 110g (3.88oz)
Battery Life: 336hours stand by time / 4 hours GSM, 3hours 3G/WCDMA talk time
Main Display: 262k colour Active TFT LCD, 320x240 pixel resolution, 30x40mm
Camera: 2megapixel resolution with 8x digital zoom
Video: Video capture/playback in VGA
Messaging: MMS/EMS/SMS/E-mail with spam filter supporting SMTP/POP3/IMAP4
Connectivity: Infrared & Bluetooth
Apps & Ringtones: Java & MP3/Polyphonic ringtones with two stereo speakers (each 15mm x 11mm)
Memory: 7mb onboard & 64MB microSD with onboard microSD slot supporting up to 2GB microSD cards
Multimedia: Video & MP3 player supporting 3GPP/H.263/MPEG-4/AMR/MP3/MP4/eAAC+/ Kodak photo services, stereo FM radio, OTA downloads, 3GPP video streaming

£30 profit via quidco with a free phone sells for £199

Click the picture below of the phone you want to go straight to the deal
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Thanks schizoboy, just placed my order, fingers crossed...
fatboy you'll be charged £1.99 for a credit check.

Read the feedback thread carefully, im sure they honour their cashbacks but they are the most strict it seems. but that is a crackling deal.
I've pasted Condition 16.1 from their terms and conditions below....

[COLOR="Red"]16.1 You will receive 3 months free insurance from your mobile phone. We may without limitation forward your data, to these parties to set up any insurance policies on your handset. After this initial period, you will be charged £4.99 per month by direct debit from the bank details provided.. You will receive full terms and conditions with your welcome letter.[/COLOR]

I may be missing something but they don't seem to give you the option of being able to cancel this mandatory insurance. So that's gonna cost you almost £45 in insurance fees for the year.
Cheers schizoboy, did have a read of the thread first. mooroot it does give you the option to NOT have the free 1 months insurance when placing the order...
fatboy, yeah I noticed that but I'm not sure how the 1 months free insurance you can accept/reject when placing the order ties in with clause 16.1 above. If you decline the 1 months free insurance are you then charged automatically for 11 months?
There is a TMO forum member about, he has posted on that feedback thread i mention above should you want any specific questions answered
voted HOT...I really like these Nokia's.
ta curry, indeed no SE or Moto or any make I can think of can match this for the value performance/features for a neat/slim business phone

2gb microsd can be had for £40ish if you froogle for those interested, i use my n80 with 2gb occasionally, more often for the fm radio.

voted HOT...I really like these Nokia's.

I don't - mine is worse than the 6210i it replaced.

Battery life poor - needs charging twice a week instead of once
Reception poor - does not work downstairs at home - old one did.
It crashes sometimes - usually on a long call. Goes beep beep, disconnects, and loses all aerial bars. Reboot fixes

Useful new features - camera and the web browser works with my office email

I'd rather have the 6210i back though!
All new phones need charging ALOT more, its a common thing now, everyone keeps expecting to have the old battery life they used to have or better, gone are those days until sony does r&d into better smaller batteries, if you like your qvga active tft displays thats what its like now.

I have a spare battery, car charger, charger @ work and just got into the habit of always plugging it in, if you want good battery life again keep the old mono screens.
i would avoid the mobile outlet like the plague... many forums with users having bad experiences from them... i'm one such user (they tried to fob off me having followed the wrong t&cs... of which I've got 4 different copies for claiming cashback..)

steer clear.. stick to someone reputable IMHO
I'm tempted to get thephoneshop (sister site to OSPS and E2Save, owned by CPW and has £50 quidco) to price match them:

But I'm reckoning after xmas alot of the older phones will been flogged off, and newer stuff will fall even more.
Got the phone and the despatch note, is that all? Should there be any vouchers, paperwork for the claim or not?
does TMO need vouchers?
read the T&C carefully, then read it again, if need vouchers ask for them ASAP
suggest calling them and talking to the TMO representative that has posted inthe TMO feedback thread in misc, do not leave this to chance.
States nothing about vouchers just despatch note. Will confirm with them anyway, need to call them as they're sent me 2 phones!!!
The deal link for O2 seems to expired...
anyway is this BB5 phonme, which means it cannot be unlocked? or maybe it comes unlocked with o2 contract...
anyway deal is not working
Yes this is a BB5 phone.

My wife has a Vodaphone Nokia 6234 (which is essentially the same as the 6233) which has been unlocked by Vodaphone as she wanted to use 2 SIMS and it cost £20.`

The bad news is that you have to ask your provider to do it, as Nokia provide the codes (which are just a long line of characters which are typed in) to the provider and not the Customer.

It took 3 months but I think Vodaphone forgot to send request the first time.

Works well now and is a VERY nice phone.

£20 isn't bad, some charge ALOT more.

Though I've no idea what Orange would charge, if anyone knows please post!
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