Nokia 6233 Black - 12 months free line rental + £35 QuidCo profit!!
Nokia 6233 Black - 12 months free line rental + £35 QuidCo profit!!

Nokia 6233 Black - 12 months free line rental + £35 QuidCo profit!!

CoolNewMobile have the brilliant Nokia 6233 on Vodafone with 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract (after cashback). For £0 (after cashback), you get the 6233 (for FREE!!), 12 months line rental (after which you may cancel) and 200 free x-net minutes every month.

The Nokia 6233 provides the perfect balance of business and pleasure - in a sleek, attractive design. It has a 2 megapixel camera with 8x smooth, digital zoom, landscape mode and video record. It also offers a stereo FM radio with Visual Radio and a MP3 player with high quality sound through stereo speakers and 3D surround sound. Up to 70 MB of memory is available, 6 MB internal plus 64 MB memory card, for storing videos, pictures, music and messages. Other features include Bluetooth, 3D games and Push to talk.

This offer works by cashback which you cliam from CoolNewMobile at specified intervals. If you wish you can purchase via QuidCo.com who will give you a whopping £35 in extra cashback, allowing you to make a PROFIT of £35 on this deal!! You should make a chargeable call during your 12th month or you won't get the last bill you'll need for your claim. Remember to cancel the insurance if you don't want it as it's quite expensive. As usual, send claims recorded/special delivery as soon as you get the bill and you'll be fine.



Good find Ducky


How do CNM’s cashback work?
Are they and Mobileoutlet one company?


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[highlight]You can read and leave feedback for cool new mobile here: CLICK ME!![/highlight]

They are the same company as PhoneBoxDirect hotuk.

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CoolNewMobile's cashback agreement can be found in the claim form available for download:

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