Nokia 6280 (reconditioned) £69.99

Nokia 6280 (reconditioned) £69.99

Found 5th Apr 2007
Another one from orange, again, reconditioned but they seem to be like new.


Again, the direct link didn't work because it's Orange Accessories rather than Orange direct. It's ran by someone else on Orange's behalf.

For the same reason there's no QuidCo here.

I voted cold on this.

The phone is the buggiest phone I know. I do NOT recommend it. I know three people who've had it. Two of them have sent it back for repair twice (one of them twice within the first month!) and the other is having trouble with the memory card slot.

Whilst trying to find a solution for these people I found the CNet reviews for this phone.

The consumer comments appauled me.

Around nine in ten users gave the phone a 2/10 or 3/10 with comments such as "this phone is a disgrace to nokia".…htm

Literally... if you have this phone you're going to have to live with it. It's terribly awful. It crashes to a white screen regularly, bits fall off, things come lose, the speaker is often distorted and needs repair, and it also seems to crash if a text message comes though while you're talking.

So... in short... STAY AWAY.


Voted hot. I had one on a contract from 3 and it was ok to be honest. Never had a problem with it. The main problem is people who are happy say nothing most of the time. People who have a problem with it tell everyone and post it everywhere.

Nothing ever fell off, never crashed and still works now (gave it to a mate). In fact i find the N73 i now have is worse, as that crashes all the time.

anyone know where to get the cheapest replacement LCD screen for this phone, thanks

(have prices from ebay)

I have one - as soon as 12 months are up am selling it. Awful phone. Sometimes just wont get past the nokia screen. Wont let you read texts occassionaly. Crashes on a regular basis. Absolutely awful IMO. Sorry.
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