Nokia 6300 £44.97 requires £10 airtime  total   £54.97@ Tesco

Nokia 6300 £44.97 requires £10 airtime total £[email protected] Tesco

Found 11th Mar 2008
Internal User Memory Yes
Product Height 10.68 cm
Video Yes - Record AND Play
Downloadable Ringtones Polyphonic and MP3
Additional Memory Card Yes
Vibrate Alert Yes
Send Images and Sounds Yes - Both Images AND Sounds
Product Width 4.38 cm
Games Included 3
Triband Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Built-in FM Radio Yes
Product Depth 1.17 cm
Access Internet Style Pages Both - WAP + GPRS
Network Tesco Mobile
Resolution in Megapixels 2
Voice Dialling Yes
Built-in MP3 Player Yes
Handsfree Speakerphone Yes
Quadband No
Downloadable Arcade Style Games Java
Colour Screen Yes
ThreeG Video Calling No

The Nokia 6300 mobile phone has a built-in mp3 player and FM radio allowing you to listen to your favourite tunes or stations on the go with 7.5MB of internal memory and an additional micro SD memory card. This mobile phone is equipped with a 2 mega pixel camera with picture and video recording. This Bluetooth compatible phone allows you to access both WAP and GPRS internet style pages, and has both polyphonic and MP3 downloadable ringtones. The Nokia 6300 includes a voice dialling function and hands free speakerphone enabling you to hold conversations on the move.


Are tesco mobiles unlocked?

yes they are locked to the tesco network and o2 !


Do these phones come in their original nokia box or are they repackeged into tesco boxes. Or do they just have an outer cover over the original nokia box?

Out of Stock


who bought all the stock?????????????????????????

See the thread on 12m contract 1p/month!

seems to be back in stock


Thanks for the update adnaan_p, i've unexpired the deal now


i just checked and it said in stock but it is locked to tesco mobile not 02:thumbsup:


just ordered one


i will recieve it within 2 working days fat delivery

The Tesco network runs on the o2 network. so if you buy this then a o2 sim will also work on the phone

also if you print the offer off the Tesco website and go to an o2 store they will price match for you !!

I bought 2 from a o2 store for £54.97 !! you will also be able to get the nokia black or white

CHeers mate


Can this be unlocked? if so does anyone have the codes?

Also use Quidco to get 6 pounds


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CHeers mate

this is truely a wonderful deal, £44.97 is cheapest there is ever been for this phone. Even better if your a tesco customer as you transfer the £10 credit onto your main number.

can you get these on the Tesco Value pack as I only text and 5p a text sounds good.

Been using a Tesco PAYG Nokia for 2 years now....once you've spent £30 on top up's they will unlock it for you. All done with a free call to the customer service number.

As has been said....Tesco buy airtime from O2. After 2 years I have no complaints. No frills and straight forward pricing, cheap as well!

Should get mine today, waiting for Courier, wish he'd hurry up! Thanks ;-)

Tesco now out of stock !!

Where does it says at O2 that they price match?

Anyone know if it comes with the speakers or not?

i printed off the coupon and went to a o2 store adn they price matched it for me
as Tesco use the o2 network

You must have been lucky. I when to O2 store and they said no, and phoned O2 and they said no. Both said they would only price match other O2 deals, and that even though Tesco use O2, they only buy air time and dont actually use O2.

I would probably say you were either lucky or caught a salemans in a good mood (maybe he got some the night before) or a store had loads of 6300 to get rid of or they had a customer returned 6300 which they could sell cheaper.


i printed off the coupon and went to a o2 store adn they price matched it … i printed off the coupon and went to a o2 store adn they price matched it for meas Tesco use the o2 network

Just Got My Phone Delivered From Tesco! Not Bad Got Some Free Mini Speakers With It Also!!
Great Deal For £54 !!

phone back in stock now @ Tesco
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