Nokia 6300 @£55/mth  + free Samsung 32" LCD TV (plus £30 quidco)

Nokia 6300 @£55/mth + free Samsung 32" LCD TV (plus £30 quidco)

Found 12th Mar 2008
Not sure this is a good deal but thought will post it to see what others think


55 x 18 = £990!

I doubt the LCD TV is worth £990!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But good for people who are going to pay £55 anyway!

nothing hot in there

Don't buy from the Link. Absolute sh** company they cancel orders for no apparent reason. I have 2 PAYG orders cancelled when the phone was clearly in stock at the time of ordering.


Worst deal ever. Official.

e2save have Nokia 6300 for 12p on 12 month contract (cashback by redemption) + £36.50 Quidco…ce/

Surely the point here is that the total cost over 18 months may be £990, but the cheapest Samsung 32" TV is around £450, so effectively you're getting the 18 month deal for £540 ie. 1800 minutes and unlimited texts each month for just £30 (even without Quidco).


Which is still the most terrible deal ever.
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