Nokia 6300 Black Clearance £8.99 per month 18 month - X-net Anytime e2save
Nokia 6300 Black Clearance £8.99 per month 18 month - X-net Anytime e2save

Nokia 6300 Black Clearance £8.99 per month 18 month - X-net Anytime e2save

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this is my 1st post. so saying sorry in advance for any mistake.

this is a 18 month - X-net Anytime contract available on T-Mobile. effective Cost
per month £8.99. you get 300 mins + 300 texts per month.



you might want to add that its actually £25 line rental. and it comes down to £8.99 only after you claim your cashback :thumbsup:

I have heard bad reviews of these so called cash back line rental deals. Lots of clauses and deadlines designed to make it very difficult to get the cashback.

Oh dear - not the best first post Arnab - never mind, mobile phone deals are one of the hardest to find the best deals for as there are so many. The 6300 in particular is free on most networks and is often included with an xbox360 or a PS3 or a Wii...

Cash back is a bit of a game. It assumes not everyone will comply with the T's & C's. Make sure you do.

Before your first claim is due call them and find out the all the dates your claims are due in and what needs to be with them. If you don't receive your claim form, call them and chase it up. Always send them in recorded delivery, better still special delivery.

My first form didn't come out when it was meant to, the first claim took wasn't processed as they said it was late but I had proof of delivery, the second allegedly took 11days to arrive. But I did get all my £440 cashback.

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ohhh sooo cold. never mind. hopefully i will get better at this stuff in the future.

PS : is it true that e2save really do offer genuine 12month contract, 12month free line rental AND sometimes they offer 12month contract with 12month 1.99 per month contract? :?

While its true there are dodgy cashback offers...several are backed up by larger parent companies...and while this doesnt necessarily mean its water tight, one glove doesnt fit all

...BTW...this is a cold deal:thumbsup:
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