Nokia 6300 Silver & Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (£54.99) Unlocked (Sim-Free)

Nokia 6300 Silver & Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (£54.99) Unlocked (Sim-Free)

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Found 6th Mar 2008
I went to my local TJ Huges today and saw that there was a nokia 6300 Black & a Nokia 6300 silver for only £54.99 and you get a virgin sim card with £10 credit a true bargain but it is for only till next Thursday so hurry up and get to your local TJ Huges its worth a try. It doesn't seem to show up online. It is made out of metal and it is all networks (Sim Free)
Over £100 on the Car phone warehouse website click on the link below to check:…et1







are black ones rare???????????????????????

Or is it only black for two days?


are black ones rare???????????????????????

i have no idea, just wanted to fit in

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Black Nokia 6300 are the new 6300's and they look cool. They cost around £80 normally but i don't know why these are for £54.99

definitely a bargain. shame my nearest one is miles away.

Anyone know if these are unlocked?? I could use one for me (O2) and the Mrs (voda).

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i think they're on virgin mobile because i got a virgin sim card with mine and i haven't tried any other sim card yet.

Hmmm is black the new silver???????????????????????

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It's just like the 8800 silver and then the 8800 black sirocco which is much more expensive

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You can get them unlocked from the local shops for around £10

are these branded ? do they have virgin menus etc

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no, when i turn it on it just says Nokia and you can use the mobile phone without a simcard

have u tried another sim yet


It's just like the 8800 silver and then the 8800 black sirocco which is … It's just like the 8800 silver and then the 8800 black sirocco which is much more expensive

I can assure you they are definately not in the same league as the Sirocco's! By a long way... :whistling:

But they are a decent phone, if you just need it for calling and txting

what about the box does it have virgin logos

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no, no definateley not


no, no definateley not

could you please try another sim just that i need it for orange

freezing cold ?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prob cos of all the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice phone, son has one - looks much much better in black than silver.

If it is possibe to get unlocked reasonably cheaply would make me consider swapping for my unreliable Sony (switch myself off when i feel like it ) Ericsson.

i dont know why this is so cold

top deal if true


can confirm it is my missus has come back with one tonight tj hughes in preston

Looking to get a new phone can anybody tell me why this has been voted so cold is it the phone ? as nobody has said why they have voted cold as usual.

for those who prefer the normal silver 6300 its available at phones4u for 69.95 + £10 back from quidco.

So effectively £59.95 with £10 virgin credit.

A fiver more, but you dont have to travel to TJ Hughes.…710

its getting colder can confirm an o2 sim WONT work

if you have virgin cable, then you can get the 6300 black ( or silver) free on the 100mins/100texts for £10 a month.

FYI, the black one is not metalic... it's just cheap plastic... the silver/original black face with silver back/white/red all had a silver casing top and back. The black one is really just cheap plastic...

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Its on all network, (Sim-Free)

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No it is not made out of plastic, it is made out of metal.

thanks saqy if it is sim free im geting one hott


Hey guys are these still for sale? And are they unlocked?

are these available in redditch?
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