Nokia 6300 White + PS3 - on 12 month £35pm contract

Nokia 6300 White + PS3 - on 12 month £35pm contract

Found 22nd Jan 2008
Been looking for a deal with a decent phone and free PS3.
Found this one with the Nokia 6300 which is highly rated.

The contract is with O2 for £35 per month for 12 months (400mins+500txts)
You have to pay £44.99 but don't forget Quidco will pay £36.50 so it's only £8.49

Admittedly you could get a better deal buying a PS3 and the phone separate however you are relying heavily on the cashback to work. This is a no risk and hassle free way of getting both.


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This is for a reconditioned phone.

Goto Dial-a-phone and you can get a brand new 6300 for £17.50 per month for 400mins/500txt. Yes it's by redemption, but that's not a problem really, I've been using them since 2004 and they pay up within a week of you sending in your bill. Well worth it to save alot of money.

Plus quidco pay you £60 for buying from dialaphone.

Not that great deal as PS3 only £279 and possible another price drop when GTA4 comes out.
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