NOKIA 6303 ON ORANGE, £79.95 +£10 TOP UP @ CarphoneWarehouse
NOKIA 6303 ON ORANGE, £79.95 +£10 TOP UP @ CarphoneWarehouse

NOKIA 6303 ON ORANGE, £79.95 +£10 TOP UP @ CarphoneWarehouse

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was lookin for a decent spare mobile came across the nokia 6303, cheapest ive seen so far hope it helps, although i think its online only

Beautifully balanced; A pleasure to see, hold and use. The Nokia 6303 classic combines enduring design with up-to-date features.

Lasting design; Enjoy the feel of durable stainless steel. The compact size and rounded design fit comfortably in your hand.

Simple sharing; Capture and share special moments right from your phone. It's easy to take photos and videos, and exchange them on-line with friends and family.

Modern convenience; The up-to-date features are easy to learn and use with a straightforward, intuitive interface and large display.


Been looking for a replacement for my old Motorola L6 for some time now and came across this the other day.

Can anyone say whether it's any good? I've seen a few reviews mentioning that the camera is rubbish, that SAR ratings are pretty high (although I may have seen this on a forum somewhere) and that there is no 3G.

Is the camera rubbish? What about the SAR rating? What is 3G for? Do I need it?

I'm looking for a phone mainly to make the occaisonal call and text but with the option of planning routes/getting directions when I'm out and about. Can I plan routes with this phone? Can anyone point me to a good source of info on the net where I can learn more about modern mobiles?

A few questions there I know but most of the forums I have registered on I don't seem to be able to get many answers?

Also, am I correct in saying that this is the replacement for the very well regarded Nokia 6300? Is it better that the 6300? I also see information regarding the Nokia 6700 classic suggesting this is the replacement for the 6300. Which one IS the replacement?

Should I wait for the Nokia 6700 to come down in price (PAYG)/ Anyone any ideas as to how much it will be in say a couple of months time? I see it's retailing in the Three shop for £179.95 at the moment.

Many thanks.


I want to buy this for my dad who is currently on O2. Is the Orange version of the phone a branded/locked model? This would certainly explain the price difference...

I went in-store and asked - the rep said that all their 6303's are unlocked, but they are selling the Orange model for the higher price of £99.99.



Got it yesterday from the website - I can confirm it's an unbranded/unlocked model.

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