Nokia 6303 Orange Pay As You Go @ dialaphone For £54.95!Delivered Including £10 Top Up

Nokia 6303 Orange Pay As You Go @ dialaphone For £54.95!Delivered Including £10 Top Up

Found 9th Dec 2009
A pleasure to see, hold, and use. The Nokia 6303 Classic combines enduring design with up-to-date features to give you a compact yet smart and stylish mobile phone. The 6303 Classic measures in at just 11.7mm thick yet still manages to include an easy to use keypad and crystal clear TFT display. In terms of features, the 6303 comes well equipped for any task. Youll find a fun 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, digital zoom and flash, Nokia Maps for easy navigation, integrated speakerphone, conference calling and a music player to keep you entertained on long journeys. The web browser is especially impressive and offers a smooth and satisfying surfing experience. This is enhanced further by the large 2.2-inch screen that can support 16 million colours. And to help you make the most of all the functions on offer, Nokia have provided 64MB of internal memory and scope to boost this further by adding a microSD card. Whatever your needs, the Nokia 6303 Classic is up to the challenge!

£5 Quidco

DISCP210 10% discount


Link doesn't work....

saw this the other day, wondering if there is a free solution for unlocking

if there is any unlocking solution, it'll be posted in the gsmforum

good price ! with the discount code comes to £54.95

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Link works now.

Shame I missed the deal with this on vodafone for £10 cheaper. Do we think this is the best deal on the 6303 around at moment? I'd have to get it unlocked to o2 so I've been trying to find it on that network for the same price.

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Got mine today, brill for the price, just need to unlock it now..

I got this phone the other day, took it into the local market to get it unlocked and they said it would be 2-3 until the software is released to unlock this phone. The phone came without a memory card, I phoned up Dialaphone who said it should not have one, pointed them to the page which states free 1GB memory card included and they have sent me one out. :-)

DISCP210 - Sorry, this promotion code has not been recognised, please try again!

Ditto I was just about to buy one and it worked an hour or so ago but not now

All the promo codes I've found come up with same error. Looks like they've removed all offers which is a bit off. I'm tempted to just get it from tesco and get the clubcard points.

How to unlock this one? I had been to many shops here around Glasgow and they all said, the codes haven't been out so for. Any ideas? Any relaible webistes to do this?

I'll be looking to unlock this too so I'll let you know if I find anywhere. As for the phone, I managed to somehow purchase it without the £10 top up in my basket (no idea how) although that only brings it down to the price it would have been if I'd have gone via topcashback. However, when it arrive it was quite clear that this was a customer return. I've no problem purchasing phones like that so long as they're in good condition but I expect that to be made clear on the website. This is a present after all and whoever had it before had obviously used it. They'd even wrote the mobile number down on the top up card!

I think this is the last time I'll order from dial-a-phone because the only way I can complain about this is via email (they only have an automated telephone line) and I'm not expecting to get very far with that.

I don't think these are customer returns. I was told Dialaphone open the box and put the topup on for you. Hence the fingerprints on the phone and the mobile number on the topup card. there could be better ways of them doing this though...
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