Nokia 6500 slide 1100minutes £20/pm + £62.50 Quidco
Nokia 6500 slide 1100minutes £20/pm + £62.50 Quidco

Nokia 6500 slide 1100minutes £20/pm + £62.50 Quidco

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I saw this Amazing deal, you get a free nokia 6500 slide in either black or silver on an 18 month contract at only £20 pounds per month!!! you get a whopping 1100 minutes/texts and an extra 300 minutes 3 - 3 and that works out at about £360 at the end of the contract, which is very cheap. There are also other phones to choose from which are free such as the 6500 classic, also if you say u got recomended you can get 30 pounds of your next bill, for yourself and also your friend

Nokia 6500 slide-
Share with style, feature packed luxury slider with a 3.2 megapixel camera and TV out to for the ultimate in sharing. Enjoy the elegant quality slider with easy access to all of your favourites like Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Google so you can stay connected where ever you are.

3.2 megapixel
Talktime: 174 mins
Stand by: 261 hours
20MB, expandable with Micro SD card
Dimensions: 95 x 47 x 16 mm
Weight: 90g
Compatible With
Windows Live Messenger compatible

I personally recomend this phone and contract, if your looking for a low budget contract with high minutes then this is the deal for you, and not forgetting, NOOO CASSHH BACKK SCAMMSS lol.
Btw dont forgot to use the free £20 pound accesories voucher too, which is attached to this.


you certainly don't have to worry about cash back scam when there is no hope of any cash back -

At least with cash back scams you stand some chance of a cash back - I have had several with carphonewarehouse and they have never missed a payment.

this deal has been around since the end of feb, that when I took it up, still hot

Don't forget to do Refer a Friend to get £30 each. Then there's Quidco at £62.50.

Also, you can try going about halfway through the checkout stage and stop on the payment details page and leave it. Next day you'll find 3 have emailed you saying that they noticed you didn't complete checkout and that they're offering you a £20 voucher to use to spend on accessories online (not sure about high street stores).

One other thing, take out 2 contracts at the same time and they'll give you an extra 2000mins per month (can't remember if this is total or extra each) to call the person on the other contract. However, doing this only gets you one lot of Quidco cashback so it depends on whether you think you need the minutes more or the extra £62.50

Looks OK to me

I've been looking at this deal for the last couple of days, anyone know if you can get the unlimited data addon with this phone? I think it's the x-silver option at £5. I'd like to take the deal and then just buy a 3G Windows smartphone to use it with and sell the 6500.

This phone's functionality is poor - has loads of software bugs on it - check reviews first.

Hopefully Nokia will release a bug-free version of the firmware.

Black one also available, and it anyone needs a 3 number PM me.


Black one also available

:whistling: i think you know the code of conduct by now


:whistling: i think you know the code of conduct by now

I know.... but i'm just kinda being helpful, if I post a referral in another forum no-one will really read it, here it is more on topic. :thinking:

(I'm not spamming the forum? is this really that much against the rules? I always think of rules as guidelines rather than set in stone. :p)

Any way there is also a £20 accessory voucher available: HS22020806 change the bold numbers to todays date (this one is for 22/02/08 - you've got to change that.)

Oh and this is also free on £15 tarrif for those that want less mins.

Shame about the Sh*t network...

i joined "3" because of a what seemed like a "perfect deal". they (the ppl in the call centre for "3" sales) told me it was £11.99 a month for 18months for 600mins and 600texts. seemed good..

only to find out it was £11.99 for 6 months then a massive £35.00 a month after that!!

what a joke, couldn't even cancel the damn thing because on their records everything looked as if they had told me about the whole "deal" when they blatantly mis sold the product.

anyway couldn't do anything. so i gave them the money and when the cancelation date came up it took me 2 weeks to give them my notice of cancelation. they would hang up, give me false info. couldn't do much, even walked instore and complained only to find out that i have to ring up again from store to the call centre to try again.. the call centre staff even hung up on the store advisor twice!! so in my view... no matter howwwww gooood this may seem, just get a sim only from O2 or Tmob or soemthing, get a cheapy phone. or just go out a get a contract from another company.

it was so much headache with 3, i can't believe the poor customer services and the rest of it. they might offer good deals e.g. 1000000000mins for £1 but is it really worth it?? getting all that agrow and stuff. for me it isn't. i'd like a good service as well as good products.

3 is utter sh*t. and for those who come back and say, well i'm fine bla bla bla my auto response to you is, well done, congrats you got lucky bla bla bla.

hope it helps.

sorry for any typos etc etc

I've unexpired this, too, as it's still available.
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