Nokia 7360 (Pink) - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit !
Nokia 7360 (Pink) - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit !

Nokia 7360 (Pink) - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit !

Nokia 7360 (Pink) - 12 months Free rental (12m contract) + £35 Quidco profit !

Offer available from CoolNewMobile.com. Nokia 7360 (Pink) on Anytime 500 X-net minutes + 250 txt / month (12 MTH) Vodafone Pay Monthly. Remaining minutes roll over for 1 month. 12 months Free rental via redemption at 5 stages. Please refer to the T&C's. Go via Quidco for £35 cashback which is a Profit !

Very reliable cashback from CoolNewMobile which I can personally vouch. You need to send 'original' airtime bills within 30 days. You will get an email confirmation when the claim is received and another one when the claim is successful.

Deal includes : Vodafone Pay Monthly SIM Card | FREE CONNECTION | Free Insured Delivery | 1 Year Nokia Warranty | 12 Months FREE Line Rental | Voda Passport | 30 Days FREE Mobile TV | 3 Months Free Insurance

Phone review : The Nokia 7360 Pink is one of Nokias latest releases. It is a part of the new L'amour collection (an extension to the previous 7 Series phones 7280, 7270 and 7280). The l'amour collection is aimed at the fashion concious people who like to have a great looking fashionable phone. It's pretty basic in specification terms, the Nokia 7360 with a 128x160 pixel display, VGA resolution camera, FM radio, web browser and email client, push-to-talk, voice activated user interface and fashion themes. At 92 grams in weight and 105x45x18mm, the Nokia 7360 is about average for a "candy bar" phone. Talktime is a shortish 4 hours with up to 14 days standby (which is very good). The 7360 supports MP3 ringtones, but doesn't have an MP3 player.



Thanks edi

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Thanks Ray

Pls check this 12months Free offer as well which comes with Nokia 5300 XpressMusic mobile.


Sounds like one of those dodgy scams on watchdog to me..

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Scam ??? :roll:

so is it easy to claim the money back on these deals? i am tempted (tho not that particular phone) but it depends how easy it is to miss the claim back dates etc.

Check out the feedback thread for coolnewmobile in the Misc forum.

It is good to check out the reputation of mobile sellers before jumping in on these but they are not a scam!! I can't believe after several years of these deals people still think they are scams. Yes you want a reputable company so that it doesn't go broke while you are under contract but as long as you stick to your allocated minutes it will be a free contract. They depend on people going over the allocated minutes and texts and also people that don't end the contract after the 12 months are up.

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I have had 4 (of 5) successful claims so far with CoolNewMobile and the 5th one is being processed... Very reliable cashback from CNM and IMO, they are quite efficient too.

You need to send the 'original bills' within 30 days but I would advise to post as soon as you receive by recorded delivery. Cashback should be claimed in 5 stages and make sure you dont miss any as this will forfeit the remaining ones. Follow this link to know more on CNM cashback :-


How NOT to miss a CNM cashback claim ?

Spend sometime in preparing for the cashback claim. Some of the cashback terms can be very confusing like 120 days of connection / 4th month bill etc. Dont worry, MS Excel comes very handy to solve this problem. Here is what I have done.


Do one like this and you will never miss your cashback. [COLOR=darkred]Golden rule 1: Send your cashback claim by Recorded delivery and if the claim is huge, go for a special dlivery.[/COLOR] The money spend on this is worth the hassle. [COLOR=darkred]Golden rule 2: Note down the deadline for each cashback claim and do everything you can to submit asap. [/COLOR]

Thanks for that useful post edi. As you say if you follow the rules you will come out on top!

cheers for the info guys.

Thanks to all in this thread, its helped me understand the offers clearly. I can see the catch that if you are not organised it will not be 'free'.
Like the look of the Nokia 5200 better though.

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Glad to be of some help

Please note that if you cancel the contract in exactly 12 months, you wont get the 13th bill that is needed to claim the final cashback.

At the end of the 11th month, issue 30 days notice and make a chargeable call before the end of the contract. This will force the network to provide the 13th bill.


This is a lovely phone .. good deal edi :thumbsup:
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