Nokia 7370 (fashion mobile) - term cost £0.00 (12 months contract)
Nokia 7370 (fashion mobile) - term cost  £0.00 (12 months contract)

Nokia 7370 (fashion mobile) - term cost £0.00 (12 months contract)

Phoneboxdirect.co.uk has Nokia 7370 with 11 months Free line rental (12 months contract) on Vodafone Anytime 200 tariff.

Go through Quidco for an extra £30 cashback, which reduces the term cost to £0.00. Please note that you should claim cashback in intervals as specified by Phoneboxdirect.co.uk

Beautifully etched metal motifs synergize with leather-inspired accents in this eye-catching swivel style phone from Nokia. Swanky and cool, the unique 180-degree rotator design with ergonomic tilt swivels open to reveal a tactile keypad. The 5-way scroll key, 2 soft keys, sends and end keys, camera Key, volume/zoom key are all conveniently placed to make your overall mobile usage smooth sailing.

Includes 200 anytime any network Cross Network Minutes and itemised Billing.


Nice find edi.


nice find but what a horrible looking phone!:shock:

Yeah nice find, but maybe the picture doesn't do it justice? It looks a bit yuck to me too.

No it just doesn't look something I'd go for.


To each his own...

Yeah Or her own...

I'm not that keen on the Samsung D900 either. But you're right, it's all down to personal tastes.
[SIZE=2]I think it's the colours of this one that put me off. Maybe if it was blue I'd like it [/SIZE]

The darker one is more appealing to me:



I think thats the trouble with a so called "fashion mobile" you either love it or hate it, and when it goes out of fashion you couldnt give it away:-D

please please please can someone explain cashback to me. It all sounds like a great deal but i have no idea what quidco is? thanks x


[SIZE=2]Have a look there and read their home page.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Basically it's a cashback co-operative. If you are buying something on the net, if you go through quidco's page first, they'll pay you a percentage of the value of the sale (E.g. 4% for CDWow). You can get quite a bit of cashback in the year, and all quidco take is a yearly £5 charge. (If you don't make £ in the year, they don't charge anything anyway. Loads of members here use it (I received £54 last month myself) - highly recommended. Simply go there, and sign up. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Welcome to HUKD by the way. [/SIZE]

So with this phone deal, i would go through QuidCo to the site and do it all. Then what would happen once i'd paid for it all. Do i get an email of QuidCo or the company? thanks for helping

Going through quidco will only get you the £30 cashback (£25 after their £5 fee as you are new). It tracks through quidco, and you can see the status of the transaction, which takes about a few months for phoneboxdirect to pay through quidco. Once you go to quidco, you click the link which takes you to the phoneboxdirect site, and sign up from there.

As for the seperate issue of cashback from phoneboxdirect - this is claimed, by yourself, at intervals through the 12 months contract, and the onus is on you to send them copies of your airtimes bills.

I'm with a similar deal on mobileshop.com - I have to send them a copy of my bill on the 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th month, then they pay the amount into my bank account when they have processed each one. (I received my first £90 last month, for the first quarter). There is usually a specific date when you have to send them your bills - not sure how long this is with the above retailer, maybe someone else can help with this!

Hope I'm not cunfusing you too much - this can be hard to explain.

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4]Make sure you clear your cookies before going through Quidco or you might not receive your cashback.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Original Poster

That's rule of thumb

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