Nokia 8800 Sirocco Black 18 month contract - £150, 750 anytime minutes 100 texts

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Black 18 month contract - £150, 750 anytime minutes 100 texts

Found 7th Jun 2007
Great deal for a sweet phone complete with bluetooth headset, desktop charger, case and cleaning cloth.

I ordered one on monday night, got it on wednesday. The best contract deal I got was £17.50 per month for 3 months reverting to £35 for the next 15 months (18 month contract).

This includes 750 anytime anynetwork minutes, & 100 texts

Best deal I found on this phone after searching for days. I changed from o2 and am waiting for my number to port. This was done without contacting customer services.

This is my first deal post so be kind

Forgot to mention - £58 through quidco!!
- theflyer


Note sure why this is cold but an excellent deal

Very nice phone, good post.

A little too expensive for me though:

£17.50 X 3 (half price line rental for 3 months)
£35.00 X 15 (for the remaining 15 months of contract)
£150 X 1 (cost of phone)
£2.95 (delivery charge)
-£58.00 (Quidco)

Total cost of Contract: £672.45
works out at £37.35/month

its worth buying this phone from ebay then going for a free 12 month deal:

Hope this helps.

Original Poster

Thanks for the posts. I omitted all deals with cashback in my search for the best deal for me. This is because I have had experience of them and getting the money back is notoriously unreliable and full of hassel.

If you want this phone on a good reasonably cheap contract with no trips to the post office or problems getting money back I personally believe it is a good deal.
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