Nokia AC 15x Compact Travel Mains Charger only in £3.88 delivered at PrePayMania
Nokia AC 15x Compact Travel Mains Charger only in £3.88 delivered at PrePayMania

Nokia AC 15x Compact Travel Mains Charger only in £3.88 delivered at PrePayMania

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Nokia AC-15X Compact Travel Mains Charger

GenuineNokia Compact Mains Charger. is perfect for your Nokia phone which charges your phone efficiently and safely. This inexpensive Nokia charger ensures that you keep rocking with your cell phone and enjoy the uninterrupted service. Get this portable Nokia AC-15X Compact Travel Mains Charger and carry it with you whenever you go on travel.

We offer you the Genuine Nokia Compact Mains Charger with very affordable price. Designed exclusively for Nokia handsets, this charger keeps your mobile phone fully charged. This affordable and lightweight Nokia travel charger is perfect for the traveller. Just plug in into mains outlet to get your handset quickly charged. So grab this Nokia AC-15X Compact Travel Mains Charger and keep your cell phone alive anytime.

Nokia AC-15X Compact Travel Mains Charger Key Features

* Key Features

-Light weight & compact
-Highly compatible with 2mm connector
-Input: AC 100-240v, 50-60 Hz
-Output: DC 5.0V 800mA

Phone compatibility

Nokia: 1200 1208 1209 1616 1650 1661 1680_Classic 1800 2220 2230_Classic 2323 2330_Classic 2600_Classic 2630 2680_Slide 2690 2700_Classic 2710_Navigation_Edition_ 2720_Fold 2720_fold 2730_Classic 2760 3109_Classic 3110_Classic 3110_Evolve 3120_Classic 3250_XpressMusic 3500_Classic 3600 3600_Slide 3610_Fold 3720_Classic 5000 5030 5070 5130 5130_XpressMusic 5200 5220 5220_XpressMusic 5228 5230 5235 5250 5300 5300_XpressMusic 5310_XpressMusic 5320 5330_XpressMusic 5500 5500_Sport 5530_XpressMusic 5610_XpressMusic 5700 5730_XpressMusic 5800 5800_XpressMusic 6070 6080 6085 6086 6101 6103 6110 6110_Navigator 6111 6120 6120_Classic 6124 6125 6131 6136 6151 6210_Navigator 6212_Classic 6216_Classic 6220 6220_Classic 6233 6234 6260_Slide 6267 6270 6280 6288 6290 6300 6300i 6301 6303 6303_Classic 6303i_Classic_ 6500_Slide 6555 6600_Fold 6600_Slide 6600i_Slide 6650_Flip 6700_Classic 6700_Slide 6700_Slide 6710 6710_Navigator 6730_Classic 6760 6760_Slide 7020 7070_Prism 7100_Supernova 7210_Supernova 7230 7230_Slide 7310_Supernova 7360 7370 7373 7390 7500_Prism 7510 7510_Supernova 7610_Supernova 8800_Sirocco C1-00 C3 C3_01_Touch_and_Type C5 C6 E50 E51 E51_(_No_Camera_) E61 E61i E63 E65 E66 E71 E72 E75 E90 N70 N70_Music_Edition N71 N72 N73 N76 N78 N79 N8 N80 N81 N82 N90 N91 N92 N93 N93i N95 N95_8GB N96 PT-6 X3 X6


HOT - cheers buddy.

Just to add this is the smal 2mm pin and it also has a sliding 3rd prong that fits into a UK socket (the longer earthed pin!).

Who are these people? Marketing garbage on the site suggests English isn't their first language. Hong Kong imports perhaps? The two posted reviews aren't encouraging either. OK, it's only £3.88 but these have been posted (at Play I think) for under £2 in the past.

Not voting but I'd be wary.

what? ive ordered from these guys before, they are uk based.

they say they are genuine, cant argue with that!

Original Poster mod

PrePayMania have been around for donkeys, surprised you've never seen a deal posted on here up until now Besford. And they are UK based.
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