Nokia Lumia 710 Vodafone PAYG could be unlocked £150

Nokia Lumia 710 Vodafone PAYG could be unlocked £150

Found 7th Feb 2012
Been into my local Vodafone Experience store this evening and they had 3 of these in stock for contract. As everyone is aware this is going onto PAYG any day. However to speed things up they agreed to sell a contract handset on PAYG. This is a practice that any store can do. You may have to pay £10 for a top up however if you have an voda PAYG number or contract number you dont need to get the top up.

I am not sure if PAYG stock will be locked but the handset I got was sim unlocked already and is currently using my Virgin sim card in it.

I will post reciept in the first post for proof.

At this price it knocks the other deals out of the water.…jpg
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Has to be the cheapest windows phone around.
cracking deal!!!!!!
added photo sent to mods to check will be up soon
hmm looks like a good deal. might trade my galaxy s for this. i think i'll check it out in store tomorrow
All Vodafone handsets come unlocked
awesome price!
Cracking deal, if they are branded (check the the carrier line in about) it's not hard to debrand.…htm

link to a review might be of sime use to anyone interested in getting this phone, looks a cracking deal for a decent phone.
The start up splash screen has a vodafone logo and there are a couple of apps installed but as with all windows phones you can just remove them. It really is a great slick handset and is very very smooth.
Android has been and still is the wtg imo.
My sister has the Nokia lumia 800 which is a stunning piece of equipment believe this is very similar.
Excellent price.
I tried window phones but prefer Android. If only Nokia did some android then they would do much better.
Can confirm this, but locked.
certain PAYG handsets are locked however if you get a contract phone transferred to payg stock then you will get a unlocked one. Even if it is locked and you know someone on Vodafone ask them to ring Vodafone tell them that you have purchased a new phone as yours had turned faulty and you are need this one unlocked. I have done it 5 times no problems
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Locked or unlocked this is a quality phone using a brilliant operating system that's finally getting a lot of app support. Unlocking this wouldn't cost much extra. HOT!
Great price for a new bit of kit. ClearBlack screen makes a ton of difference too.
Crazy price! Bargain!

Android has been and still is the wtg imo.

agreed if you're one to tinker with your phone; ICS & Android Marketplace is excellent but imo wp7.5 (Mango) is best out of the box for internet (HTML5 / IE9), email (Outlook) & social networking convergence etc if that's your thing.

some useful info below if you're undecided:
Mobile OS shootout!

very good price also - toasty ;-)
Is there a complete applist?
Great price. A real phone for 150 bones. Well done.

Is there a complete applist?

what like the one at!
I need one... great at that price.. shame i really enjoy using my HTC desire Z, and ocasssionally my blackberry 8900...
cracking deal - heated of course - i would definitely go for a lumia if i wasn't still so utterly chuffed with my hd2 running wp7.5 - been on windows phone for over a year now and it is brilliant, so intuitive, simple and slick, with no malware.
are they gonna be £150 on payg then ? would tempt me to get one just to check out windows phone.
Isn't the lack of a micro sd slot for this phone a bit of a drawback?
Any links for a free unlock anyone? Can you still use O2 sims in Vodafone phones? Years ago you could but I don't know anymore, anyone know?
It's not too bad, 25GB SkyDrive helps with it.
Awesome! Period!
Knew (and said on here) that they'd have to REALLY and SEVERLY reduce the prices of the Windows phones to get them to sell.
And it came to pass.....X)
Good deal, though however you regard Windows phones. (Good, but too little too late)
Cracking deal. Best value for money Windows Phone 7 handset at the moment im my opinion.
I know zero people on voda am i knackered in getting this phone for the price?
My gut feeling is this is doing an Xperia Play, they'll keep dropping the price for a while yet. With the mountain of unsold stock in warehouses £125 or less within a month seems possible.

Just don't wait till the Tango update ships, assuming it actually fixes much.
I'm gonna stay with my HD2

Win 6.5 , Win Phone 7.5 , Android , Ubuntu , MeeGo

I'm not saying that this phone is a crap but there is many other (older) phones that are better , and price is similar.

so can i just walk into a vodafone store and ask for this?

so can i just walk into a vodafone store and ask for this?

good question
good phone, good price....but i'm not switching from android
Presumably getting rid of my cyanogen mod 7 motorola defy and getting this instead would be a step up?

eh? It's just been released.


With the mountain of unsold stock in warehouses £125 or less within a … With the mountain of unsold stock in warehouses £125 or less within a month seems possible..

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