Nokia lumia 735 £129.99 + £20 top up from EE
Nokia lumia 735 £129.99 + £20 top up from EE

Nokia lumia 735 £129.99 + £20 top up from EE

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Half price nokia lumia 735 for £129.99 + £20 top up
Nokia 635 for £49.99 + £20 top up


Thinking about a 635 with a Virgin sim. Quidco too.

Think its the death knell for Windows Phone / Lumia. It if pulls itself back, I'll be impressed, but can't see it.

With offers for the Moto G 2014, £115 & Samsung S5 - £279, both contract free & exceptional phones at these prices, with a genuine vibrant ecosystem. Including...
Microsoft Office for Android
Nokia Here (offline) Maps now available for Andriod.

Android manufacturers are taking advantage of the indecisiveness of Microsoft, and going for the kill.

Microsoft need an official announcement/timeline regarding Windows 10, the current silence is hurting Windows Phone.
Windows Phone is mid upgrade, between 8.1 and 10 and has far too many unknowns, at the current time.

I can't see it recovering.

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It's a shame that it doesn't get more support. I have a Lumia and find Windows 8.1 a great operating system, better than Android and Apple phones I have had in the past.
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