Nokia N70 - Term cost of £228 and free "experience" day!!

Nokia N70 - Term cost of £228 and free "experience" day!!

Found 2nd Jul 2006
I think this is really good, for a few reasons. First of all, NO cashback is involved at all. Secondly, the N70 is BRAND NEW and not a refurb. Finally, the line rental is only £19 per month and the N70 comes free!! So, over 12 months you pay £228. No cashback, no hassle. For that £228, you get either 75 x-net mins and 300 texts per month or 100 x-net mins and 50 texts per month. You also get a free experience day - a good alternative to cashback I think you'll agree. You get to choose from Aromatherapy Massage, Snowboarding, White-Water Rafting, Paintball, Scuba Diving or Tandem Paragliding.

If you purchase via then you get £30 in extra cashback, bringing the cost below £200. This means that the deal isn't far of catching up the one I posted earlier for a clearance phone with cashback!!

There's also other phones available on this offer - no cashback but a free 'o2 experience'. Why not give it a try?? For more information on the experiences and the phones available just visit the forum topic on this offer.
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and now...

Mobiles with Aromatherapy Massage, Snowboarding, White-Water Rafting, Paintball, Scuba Diving or Tandem Paragliding

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What next ?

[SIZE=4]What's Available[/SIZE]

Paintballing for 4
Whether you’re a natural born leader or a committed team player, a session paintballing will show you who you really are as you dive in and out amongst the trees looking for your next target!

Tandem Paragliding
Experience the world from a birds-eye view as you take to the skies. This is an Experience not to be missed as you soar into the air in tandem with your professional instructor with nothing but the wind to carry you!

Scuba Diving Lesson for 2
Thinking of taking up this exciting sport? Then discover scuba diving and Experience the thrill of diving under professional supervision. During your adventure you will master some basic scuba concepts and discover the natural underworld.

White Water Rafting for 2
If you’ve never Experienced the sheer thrill of white water rafting, now’s your chance. Prepare to get wet and wild on a white knuckle ride with a difference. Whether on a natural river or a man-made course both will set your heart racing and test your nerve to the full.

Aromatherapy* Massage for 2
The time has come to soothe your mind and revitalise your soul. This offer will give you more than just a massage; it will allow you to escape the stress of modern life and indulge in a luxurious pampering!

Snowboarding Lesson for 2
Take to the slopes with an exhilarating lesson for 2. With qualified supervision and expert instruction, you’ll be mastering tricks and carving those edges in no time!

[SIZE=1]* Some salons do not offer Aromatherapy and are therefore offering a different type of massage. These are clearly stated within the individual listings.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Which handset can I get this offer on?[/SIZE]

[img-float=left][/img-float]Nokia 6111 Pink
Megapixel Camera

[img-float=left][/img-float]Nokia 3250
2 Megapixel Camera

[img-float=left][/img-float]Nokia 6230i
MP3 + FM radio
Megapixel Camera

[img-float=left][/img-float]Nokia 6131
1.3 megapixel
Slim folding design

[img-float=left][/img-float]Nokia N70
2 Megapixel Camera

The cheapest possible tariff on these handsets is £19 per month. That's £228 for the entire 12 month contract. No cashback is involved in these offers, meaning that they are totally risk-free. Don't forget that £30 cashback can be obtained by purchasing via

Best of luck with whateve 'experience' you choose!!

What next ?

Free washer-dryer??
Good idea ducky !!

thorough cleaning for the mobile once a while but may become 'refurbished' after each wash/dry... :lol:
Nice "What's available" post Ducky - looks really good!
The stepped phone thing was an accident but it looks good so I've left it, lol.
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