Nokia N770 Internet Tablet with Navkit - £139.99 Delivered now

Nokia N770 Internet Tablet with Navkit - £139.99 Delivered now

Found 7th Aug 2007
Product Features
All in one internet tablet and sat nav
High-resolution 4.13-inch touch screen
WLAN 802.11b/g
Technical Details

Nokia N-series tablet with built in GPS
touch screen
65 536 colors
WLAN 802.11b/g
USB connectivity

For those like me bought with 169.99 can apply refund the difference from amazon


Thanks askwho71

How do you go about getting a refund?


How do you go about getting a refund?

Amazon refund policy ?…268


Excellent - that's £20 back for me then.

Have some rep


Amazon refund policy … Amazon refund policy ?

Max of 30 days - my order came end of June but they did me 10 quid refund as a 'special favour'


Just to clarify the original post - GPS is NOT built in; it's a separate unit that connects via Bluetooth.

its cheaper on play :?


The one on Play is just the Nokia 770. This is the 770 + GPS receiver + sat nav software + car mounting kit + 1gb rs-mmc (part used for sat nav software).

Just ordered due to expansys saying will not be getting in stock. It's slightly dearer on Amazon but at least it should arrive:thumbsup:

Can anyone confirm that the bundle includes the car mount and what regions the maps cover

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yes, it includes car mount.
On the MMC card, the map has UK/ireland, belgium, germany, Benelux, central eastern europe.
But On the DVD, there is more, I didn't check it.

should be this: ]http//ww…ge/

Is the 770 supplied with this a European model or is it the US model like most other sites are supplying ?

Does anybody know if this is updateable for the sat nav etc? Or if this software can take other stuff free, such as speed cameras?

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European model.
and you can update the speed camera from internet, etc

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10 pounds furthur drop

Woo hoo!!

I've been given permission to buy one!!!

Now £99.99

Good price, but that fact remains that it is a sub-standard device. "runs like molasses" was quite a good one I read.
I was tempted for a moment, but £100 is a lot of dosh for a "mediocre" (] device.

Remember triple nectar points too.

Ta- ordered this morning. £100 is an astonishing price for something rated 7.9 by users on that cnet link, especially as its reviewed at double this price. Been looking for a cheap satnav for a while and this seems to cover all the bases- thanks for posting the discount bingsy- have repped you.

Is there any way to download/buy just the satnav software? I already have a Nokia 770 and a GPS receiver, just need the software!

Great price for this, I would've definitely ordered if I didn't have one already. Paid £80 for mine without the satnav business.
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