Nokia N79 -sim free! for £180 (but could be just £153 @ Bargain Crazy !

Nokia N79 -sim free! for £180 (but could be just £153 @ Bargain Crazy !

Found 28th May 2009
Nokia N79 is one of the latest phones released by Nokia, in fact its so new some stores have yet to recieve there supplies.

it is feature packed and very compact and simply beautiful

the fact that it is sim-free is a real bonus as dealextreme i-smart sims are no longer useable with the latest nokia phones. nokia have devised its latest handsets in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult to access the sim area to placethe ismart sim.

had it not been sim-free to unlock it in your local shops will cost you a anything up to a costly £25

anyway to get the reduced price

3% quidco
2% (1% off for each goal scored in champions league final (barcelona won 2-0)
10% off champ league final promotion eneter code WCHAMPS09

Total £153 for a sim free nokia N79! (which i think is quite a bargain!)

the link does take you to the N79 purchase page, but the page is lacking somehwat in detail and description!

edit - forgot to state delivery is £3.95


I bought mine for 270 before xmas so 180 is a good price already. Best phone i had so far!

Very good phone. I have had all sorts of smart phones over the years and this beats them hands down for size, reliabilty and the fact its a phone !!

Not letting you buy the phone, says quantity not available at checkout.

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