nokia N8 £20 /£17.5 per month - 18months contract 300mins unlimited internet @Beepy Mobile Phones
nokia N8 £20 /£17.5 per month - 18months  contract 300mins unlimited internet  @Beepy Mobile Phones

nokia N8 £20 /£17.5 per month - 18months contract 300mins unlimited internet @Beepy Mobile Phones

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Nokia N8 on the T-Mobile £25 tariff 18 month contract
£100 cashback
possible £35.45 topcash back

Handset free with contract!
£25 tariff on the T-Mobile network.
Unlimited Internet on your phone.Unlimited Internet booster
300 mins
300 txts
£25.53 per month
Free next day delivery!


just to say my current "3" contract is through beepy and quidco and up front cashback paid out smoothly so i was happy enough with them.

im thinking about getting this, was going to get the desire hd but its too expensive with the 24 month contract and the battery life is constantly criticised

can anyone rate this phone? how is it for mobile browsing/photos/battery life/google maps?

also please can someone explain how the cashback works?

Such a good deal, why oh why couldn't it be a decent Android phone though

This phone is probably pretty good to be fair (although not heard much about it) but Android is hot at the mo and the app store on Nokia must be shizzle.

Voted hot - hot deal for an excellent phone - thoroughly enjoying the phone which I got a few days ago.

Just for information if anyone is considering this phone - I did a bit of looking and found the following which suited me (albeit it is on 24 months but I've had 24 months with my 5800 and N80 before and it doesn't bother me a jot). Dialaphone Tmobile 600 minutes, 500 texts + internet booster £25 per month (with £50 cashback via quidco & £75 automatic cashback from dialaphone paid 28 days after the 'cool off period)

Great phone, ruined by the Betamax of operating systems (yes, I know it's a new version of Symbian, but it's still Symbian!). It's time to move on, Nokia.

I don't know why but a lot of people I know seem to have poo signals on Tmobile round here. Bloomin tempted to put it to test though now I've seen this post.

Hot... Mad hot!

morpheus:Ovi store is quite nice on the n8.

tyke: Symbian is no betamax.

ThunderBolt: you can use orange signal too comes up on the n8 as orange t-mobile.

Cheers taras...

Just checked to see if the offer was still going as I'm hoping to get my PAC from vodapony on Monday and get this ordered. Just wondering if anyone's seen an alternative to beat it before I do.

I hope they do a better job of fastback than dialaphone ever did!
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