Nokia N8, 200 minutes, 1000 texts, unlimited internet only £20/month with 12 month contract @ e2save

Nokia N8, 200 minutes, 1000 texts, unlimited internet only £20/month with 12 month contract @ e2save

Found 18th May 2011
e2save updated their deals and there seems to be an awesome deal here with an upfront payment of £14.99 you get a Nokia N8 with a 12 month contract which leaves you with an overall cost of £255 and also you can get a £46 quidco cashback, leaving you with overall cost £209 which is an absolute bargain, considering that my friend sold this phone for £220 just a few weeks ago when it was used and here you get a totally new one!

Here you can find all specs and reviews:…php

EDIT: they've changed the deal, now it's pay £54.99 upfront and get £20/month pay. Overall it's £295 - £46 quidco = £249. Still a good deal I guess..

As you can see in comments the deal itself was like this just an hour ago, but for some reason they felt like changing it.


Handset cost £54.99?

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They've just changed it



Handset cost £54.99?


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Well, the deal expired, I guess they saw it here and changed it because they didn't think that it's gonna be found out so soon or something so just put it on expired.

e2save have just done something very similar on a Galaxy SII deal that's just been posted. Put the handset prices up. Don't know what they're playing at.
Puts me off of using them
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Was like this just an hour ago.

Still a good deal in my opinion for a 12month contract - don't forget quidco £46!

***Just read the post again & saw the quidco part sorry!****
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Must be a sales ploy by e2, ok still a great deal btw

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Looks like they've changed the offer yet again?

Just looking at this on the e2save site and if you don't mind the redemption part of it, the 12 month £30 tariff works out cheapest, if you claim the cashback ok?
Double the minutes for less money overall.
(Think it's £25 less over the year than the £20 + £54.99 tariff, after the redemption of course)

Still worse than the original offer, but thought it worth mentioning?
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