Nokia N8 pre-order (confirmed release 22Oct) free on £25/mth Orange -24 mth contract at mobiles.co.uk
Nokia N8 pre-order (confirmed release 22Oct) free on £25/mth Orange -24 mth contract at mobiles.co.uk

Nokia N8 pre-order (confirmed release 22Oct) free on £25/mth Orange -24 mth contract at mobiles.co.uk

Buy forBuy forBuy for£25
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
Includes monthly allowance of 300 mins, unlimited texts & 500mb data.
Nokia's new flagship model:
12 mp camera with 1/1.83" Carl Zeiss lense (WOW)
New Symbian 3 OS (not so WOW- wish Nokia would adopt android..)
720p HD Video Capture
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
MP3 Music Player
MP3 ringtones
Bluetooth v3
Instant Messaging
Quad band

What I particulalry like are these additional features:

Plays DIVX out of the box
USB on the go- connect a USB memory stick direct to the phone (with the included adapter)
Bluetooth keyboard/mouse compatibility
HDMI connector

This essentially makes it a portable media player -happy days.

Quidco are also offering £55 on this deal - which gives an equivalent monthly cost of £22.71.

Alternately, and the deal I went for (but didn't list as it includes cashback by redemption):

Free phone - £30/mth
Includes 400 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited data
then £55 quidco & 6 months line rental cashback by redemption (I have never had a problem with claiming redemption cashback, so am confident it will be fine, but I get that not everyone has faith in it)
Taking total cost over 24 months to £485 - or the equivalent of £20.21 per month!

Anyway I'm waffling... Check out the following link for an impartial review:



i wouldn't trust mobiles.co.uk taking 1 payment never mind 24

Original Poster

I've used them for years and never had a problem, other than their long queue times..

Original Poster

Why cold? The deal quoted is irrespective of cashback via quidco or mobiles.co.uk; £25/mth and free phone is cheap independently, unless you can find cheaper?

Voted hot. Good price, compared to others I've seen.

What is the actual device like?

Original Poster

The phone is awesome, check out the reviews, and the YouTube footage.
I have no issue accepting one of my finds as cold, but am seriously puzzled as to why this is; it's cheap, cheap, cheap??!?

Original Poster

If any of the cold voters could let me know where I can get a better deal, I would be very appreciative- as I will happily cancel my order with mobiles.co.uk - cheers in advance!

I voted hot. The best deal I could find was on this site, although I would choose a non-redemption offer. They are to do with The Carphone Warehouse, so should be OK.

Original Poster

Thanks John, that's exactly what I thought, and is why I posted the deal without including the redemption; I have no clue as to why it's gone cold, as, as far as I can see, it's the best deal available for this cracking phone.. Maybe it's because it doesn't have a bitten piece of fruit on the back..??!
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