Nokia N80 - Lots of texts on contract and £40 QuidCo cashback

Nokia N80 - Lots of texts on contract and £40 QuidCo cashback

Found 13th Jul 2006
This deal is direct from - there's no cashback involved. You simply get the Nokia N80 on a 12 months contract. It's £30 per month, and for that you get 300 x-net minutes and 1,000 text messages every month on the direct text 1400 tariff!! You also get double minutes and texts for the first three months of your contract!! That's £360 for the entire year... the phone itself is FREE. If you purchase via then you'll be eligible for £40 in cashback from them - that brings the cost of the year down to just £320. After the 12 months have passed you may cancel your contract and keep the phone as usual.

The Nokia N80 is Nokia's first 3 megapixel cameraphone. It's also the world's first handset to feature Universal Plug and Play technology. The N80 can be used as a remote control for wirelessly swapping content between compatible PCs, audio equipment and TVs. For example, images and video stored on the N80 or on a compatible PC can be viewed on a TV, while music from the N80 can be played through an audio system. The N80 also has a high resolution 352x416 pixel display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, video capture with digital video stabilization.
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and... double texts / minutes for the first 3 months!
Thanks. Added that in.
Excellent phone - will point out this deal to the OH.
Doh! Last month i upgraded to the N70 on the same tarrif although i haggled them for 9 months half price.
Yeah, it might be worth ringing up and haggling. You'll lose the QuidCo cashback but you might be able to get it a little bit cheaper.
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