Nokia N80r £17.50/18 Months on 4 different tariffs (3 Network)

Nokia N80r £17.50/18 Months on 4 different tariffs (3 Network)

Found 15th Mar 2007
Nokia N80 refurb on Direct Talker 1000 tariff 18 months half price line rental. £100 Quidco makes average line rental around £12, also get £30 if referred by a friend. Also available for 18 months half price on:
Direct Texter 1400
Video & Talk & Text 700
Video & Talk & Text 1100
The Nokia N80 combines a striking form factor with high-powered functionality. Bristling with cutting-edge technology and for the first time for 3, a 3 Megapixel camera. All accessible via Nokias tried-and-tested user interface.

Say goodbye to blurred out of focus pics the N80s picture perfect camera is the most powerful available on any handset. Combine this with its Bluetooth connectivity, powerful media player and MS office viewer and youve got a powerhouse of a smartphone!

The N80 has been voted the Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe 2006 by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), the largest photo and imaging press association in Europe. The award is an endorsement of the Nokia N80's industry-leading feature set, making it one of the most high performance devices currently available.

This offer is direct from 3
- riker71

Fully guaranteed refurbished product.
- riker71


As well as the generous Quidco cashback, its also possible to do this deal through the 'recommend a friend' option on the Three website.

This is at…spx

...and offers you £30 Three credit to spend on anything you want, as well as your friend. All you have to do is go through the recommend a friend option, then enter your friends number (they have to be on 3 too) at the checkout. The friend will also get £30.

To do this through Quidco,
1) clear cookies,
2) log on to quidco
3) follow the link to the Three store
4) click on the 'recommend a friend' option (third toolbar from the top)
5) click on the 'lets go option option' then proceed as normal, add phone to basket,
6) go to checkout
7) enter friends 3 number when prompted.

If anyone needs a 3 number to use (i.e. if they don't know anyone on 3) then i will be more than happy to oblige through Private Messages, as sadly 3 refused to credit my £30 when i joined (think i must have typed the wrong number in. doh!). Lesson to take from this = double check your number!

This is a pretty damm good deal, and i've so far been impressed with the service and features of my SE k610i.


The N80 is an excellent phone and 3 offer a fantasic add on for £2.50 a month using mobile mail all of your email is sent to your mobile phone (free to receive) and you have a monthly allowance of 10mb for replies or other emails.

I use tomtom on my N80 with a bluetooth gps as well.

Some warnings. This phone will typically need to be charged every night, you might sometimes drag 2 days out of it if you don't use it much but be prepared for that. Also there is a battery save mode (it helps a little) but this mode has a bright flashing blue LED that some people complain actually wakes them up. Don't worry though, you can either turn this mode off or if you plug it into a charger it goes off then.

Likewise if anyone wants to take this option up and needs a friend to recommend then please PM me, if you need any further advice on the N80 or any aspect of it and their service just ask.

Also note that the £30 recommend a friend cash can also be used to pay your line rental if you do not spend it on doanloads or phone calls.

yeh i was just about to go for the n73 with x-series addon on monday when i spotted this. I ordered it in the past but that was when they had brand new n80s with 18 months 1/2 price on talk 1000 but they screwed my order up then the phone wasnt avaliable. And finally this time they confirmed the processed order.

I went through quidco i have never used it before the £100 has shown up on my payments page what happens next? Oh and i had a question do i just give my paypal email or do i have to fill it all out paypal bank sort code and account number?


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Offer now expired.

N80r back in stock according to the site, grab em quick!

half price line rental on the Direct talker tariff for the full 18 months…d=0
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