Nokia N900, £49 but £40 off thru Quidco then £25 pm, 900min, 500txt,unlimited internet,TMobile £634 @ Carphone Warehouse
Nokia N900, £49 but £40 off thru Quidco then £25 pm, 900min, 500txt,unlimited internet,TMobile £634 @ Carphone Warehouse

Nokia N900, £49 but £40 off thru Quidco then £25 pm, 900min, 500txt,unlimited internet,TMobile £634 @ Carphone Warehouse

Buy forBuy forBuy for£634
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Actually bought instore cheaper yesterday; got 30% off the phone cost.

Or you can get £40 thru Quidco if you are less patient than me

So total cost for 2 years, with unlimited web, 900minutes, 500 textx is £634!

Note when you get to the site, chose the "up to 25 deals" option

When tmobile merge with orange this will be a great deal as coverage will be top notch


pretty hot - but sadly i'm already on contract until Q3...

Welcome to the forum btw!

this would be perfect for my husband - his contract is out in June, so we are waiting until then, but good to see these sort of deals.

I understand that this phone is to be replaced by the N910 shortly, as it will not run the newest version of the Meamo OS. Apart from that it is a very nice phone

I thought N900 won't be refreshed until much later this year. The refresh apparently does not have paysical keypad - but will run meamo 6.

I really would have got this - had it been 12 month, but getting tied down for 48 month is a bit long IMO.

It's 24 months not 48

Good phone, especially for the really geeky. Extremely chunky and bulky though.

IMO Carphone Warehouse is inflacting the prices on this phone due to the demand and shortage of this phone out there, walkway and shop around and you will be able to get a better deal then this... I better not advertise yet where you might be able to get one, until I get one myself (as it has to be ordered)

I been quoted a couple deals both on vodafone and t-mobile on another independent high street shop, IMO much better, for £25 per month x24months (including unlimited web), phone will cost me just over £40, but I think my decision has been made easy by the awful and rude customer retention people at Vodafone threating like some stupid moron (and also by a vodafone shop manager, who seems to prefer new customers), I don't need crap like this. Not only they offering better deals to entice new customers but also challenging my intellengence when it comes to offering me a similar (not to mention better) deal then a new customer would (and i been with vodafone a long time), but the ultimate straw was when they made me wait 3 days for a pac code via the post only to be sent a text message 3 days later with the code, why could they have not done that there and then to start with, *******s, there is no other words to describe the whole vodafone retention scam, they can all stuff it, people like this reminds me to a certain extend of the hard selling timeshare scams going around for decades now, where scammers very cleverly run their finger around customers with what seems to be extremely perfect deal, vodafone does not offer existent customers a good deal, but they try to find what deals customers leaving have seen and after insulting their intelligence then they try to bit any such offers, at which point the customer has by then comited him/herselve to agree that it must be the best deal out there, not a penny more from vodafone to extend another 24 month contract.

...just hope T-mobile don't rip me off, I would like to prove vodafone wrong, and recommend it to all my friends.
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