Nokia N95 Black 8GB Clearance (O2 600 min + 500 sms 18M) effectively £21.39 pm

Nokia N95 Black 8GB Clearance (O2 600 min + 500 sms 18M) effectively £21.39 pm

Found 19th May 2008
Possibly the best value Nokia N95 8GB and airtime package available, its a Clearance model but had those before and look brand new

possible quidco £36.50 making this effectively £19.20 per month with 600 mins and 500 sms per month - This deal is by redemption, again have done this and all the cheques have arrived on time and without problems

The Nokia N95 (8GB) mobile phone has arrived with a new look, a bigger screen and an amazing array of breath-taking features. Store all multi-media files and up to 2000 songs or 166 albums with the impressive 8GB of internal memory


Great deal but i really cant be bothered with the redemption hastle. Gonna wait for a few months until the N96 hits the UK and see if it pushes the 8gig version down in price a little. Shame coz ive been after a black now for a few weeks... MUST... RESIST... TEMPTATION !!!

Great deal though voted hot ;-)

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Have used these before for redemption deals and although its a slight hassle they send the money to you correctly and on time

e2save is generally not bad as they give you 60 days to file the claim but again i don't like cheque back deals.

Also I agree with ]Squelds regarding the lauch of N96 which will bring down the price of n95

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I disagree - that one is £30.63 for a 12 month contract

I have had nothing but trouble with e2save.

First ordered a clearance phone that looked about 5 years old, chipped, scrathed, chrome rubbed off buttons from texting, dust behind the screen so cancelled the order.

1 week later ordered a new 6300 with free laptop. Took 10 days about 8 phone calls before the sim was connected. then they sent the wrong, much inferior laptop which I had to return. Then correct laptop was out of stock so had to wait, then in the post....... wait for it..... the first inferior laptop again. Clowns.

Quidco didn't track so had to raise an enquiry, got the ticket updated today -> unsuccessful due to the order being returned or cancelled AAAAAHHHHHH!!!
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