Nokia N96 for Free On Vodafone £30 pm inc Unlimited Internet Access
Nokia N96 for Free On Vodafone £30 pm inc Unlimited Internet Access

Nokia N96 for Free On Vodafone £30 pm inc Unlimited Internet Access

Just negotiated an upgrade for a Nokia N96 for Free on £30pm INCLUDING unlimited Internet access and email with 150 mins and 500 txts OR 250 mins and 100 texts The only downside is that it is a 24m contract BUT you can downgrade to a lower tafiff eg £20 p/m after the 9th Month. I'm sure somene can better this, so let's begin!


Voted cold as its an upgrade negotiated offer rather than one thats available to anyone, the tariff is dreadful for a 24 month contract


What's your....oh never mind it's 24 month contract :lol:

you're paying £720 for the N96?

Sorry buddy, i have just (3days ago) negotiated a deal of £35 a month for free N96 500mins, unlimited texts and unlimited data. All that on an 18 month contract. Will have to vote cold, sorry

You have 14 days to cancel/change your policy....head over to the vodafone eforum and put a new post up, the guys there are VERY helpful and will look after you!


On a side note the N96....nice phone aint it


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The question here is this: has anyone got a better deal either new customer or upgrade for a freeN96 @ £30pm or less with more than 250 mins + 100 texts with unlimited internet? Manager of phones4U told me he could not touch that deal and it was miles better than the 3 £30 deal as the Vodafone N96 is unlocked and the 3 deal does not include unlimited internet. I was offered the £35.00 18 month one as well, but as this is £5.00pm cheaper, seemed like a better deal

im pretty sure you have to wait untill halfway through your contract until you can downgrade your tarrif so you will have to wait 12 months on a 24 month contract, and even then you can only come down one rate at a time i.e. 35 to 30, 30 to 25 or 25 to 20 , so going from 35 to 20 will take 3 months as you can only do it once a month.

i'm sorry but you have been well mugged off. £30 a month and virtually no minutes or texts.


Phone them & cancel / renegotiate asap.

Not a good deal.

If you read my post above again you will see that yes i am paying £5 a month more, but im getting far more mins and txts than you. I wouldnt bother 'negotiating' with a 3rd party as they likely have very little influence over the actual provider, in this case Vodafone, and hence will have very little bargaining to offer you. I would approach Vodafone direct now and ask them to better the deal you are on. Link to the excellent forum is provided again in my previous post.

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