Nokia Navigation kit for N770/ N800 £20.63 Delivered @ Expansys
Nokia Navigation kit for N770/ N800 £20.63 Delivered @ Expansys

Nokia Navigation kit for N770/ N800 £20.63 Delivered @ Expansys

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I thought I might share this with owners of the Nokia N770 and N800 Internet Tablet... or anyone looking for a cheap Bluetooth GPS unit (LD-3W) for £20.63 (using the attached £10 voucher).

I received this last week for my N800 with OS2008 and managed to get it working, but a few words of warning for N800 owners:

(This product will work fine out of the box for N770 users.)

1. The bundled car mount is for the N770 (CR-81) and does NOT fit the N800 (which uses the CR-86). I have managed to source one from Hungary for 34 Euros, but suggest you try an alternative like the "Brodit Nokia N800 Active / Passive Holder with Tilt Swivel" : expansys.com/p.a…591 for £19.99 / £30.99.

2. Navicore software bundled does not work with OS2008 (if you upgraded your N800), but if you use the Nokia Map application that came with OS2008 (or install it again) then it works fine as it is from Wayfinder (who bought Navicore). It's the same software and maps essentially. Or you could use Maemo Mapper: maemo.org/dow…er/

3. To get navigation on Nokia Maps / Wayfinder, simply enter your CD key from the Navicore Personal DVD booklet (on the back) on the Enter License number screen in Maps. The license seems to expire after 5 yrs on mine and includes map, traffic, and speed cams updates. Not bad for £20!

Also the only difference between the Northern and Southern Europe version is the maps you get on the 1GB MMC (with SD adapter), and the price £25.99 Vs £59.99. The supplied DVD has all the maps for Europe which you can transfer to the memory card, but I had no use for it as the Maps application downloads over the web from Nokia / Wayfinder.

Review available here:
- but I've not tested on the road yet cos of the car mount, but for the price I can't recommend this enough - still 100+ in stock at time of posting!

Description from Expansys:

Navicore 2007 builds on the original award winning software, adding a host of useful enhancements to Satellite Navigation.

Navicore Personal is your personal co-driver, loyally accompanying you to wherever you go with your mobile phone. It gives you directions when you need them and guides you to your destination.

The new Navicore GPS-navigation system comes on a DVD which contains software and maps for Europe that can be copied onto a memory card for use with your Internet tablet.

Navicore 2007 adds:
Maps of Northern Europe
Full Post Code Search: Type in the full 7 digit post code and off you go.
Latest TeleAtlas Maps: Brand new maps incorporating newly built roads.
New High Quality GPS Receiver: Smallest SiRF III available in the world in an extremely portable design.
Free Speed Camera Support: Get warnings when approaching speed cameras.
Address Book Integration: Navigate to places directly from your phones address book.
Improved Graphics: New high resolution maps for improved readability.
Updated POI database: Find restaurants, shops, cinemas, entertainment, bars, clubs automatically with the updated POI database.
Car/cyclist/pedestrian Modes: Navicore 2007 can now be used not only in the car, but whilst cycling, or walking.
Reliability: SiRF III GPS receiver gives improved performance and lower power consumption.

Navigation Kit for Nokia 770 / N800 Includes :-
Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-3W
1 GB DV RS-MMC Nokia Memory Card
Nokia Car Holder HH-12 with CR-81
Nokia Car Charger DC-4
Nokia User Guides
Navicore Personal 2007 DVD with software, Northern Europe maps, and Navicore Personal 2007 Quick Guide.


Scorching hot.

Voted hot and thanks for all the info
At last my N770 will be useful.
It came to £20.63 for me with P&P (1-4days) but still hot.

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Voted hot and thanks for all the infoAt last my N770 will be useful.It … Voted hot and thanks for all the infoAt last my N770 will be useful.It came to £20.63 for me with P&P (1-4days) but still hot.

Doh! I think the price when up slightly since I ordered last week! I paid £19.63... but I will update the post following your correction. Thanks for pointing out!

Anyone think this could enable N95 satnav application?

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Anyone think this could enable N95 satnav application?

Do you mean the Nokia Maps app on the N95? I have a feeling it won't work as the license is from different companies:
N95 Map is Naviteq and a few others, but this is for Navicore / Wayfinder.

Hah, you nicked this from my internettablettalk post didn't you

NB, the LD-3W GPS unit is a Sirf-Star III chipset I believe, so 20quid is a damn good price just for that, never mind the extras.

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Hah, you nicked this from my internettablettalk post didn't you

Had my eye on this for a while, but not seen on the internettablettalk site... but agree - it's a bargin even just for the Bluetooth GPS.

Ah well, great minds and all that...

price just appears to be creeping up ----- Our Price: £25.99 (22.12 exc.)

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price just appears to be creeping up ----- Our Price: £25.99 (22.12 exc.)

Don't forget to use the £10 off voucher!

:thumbsup: Great spot, ordered and ready for collection at only £15.99. I drive by every day, dont need sat nav to find it:p


In what respect is the CR-81 not able to take the N800? Is the N800 too narrow to be kept in place? Do you think it could be adapted/modified to be able to take the N800?

I have an N800 and am really interested in going for this.


useless bit of kit in reality

Well, an update for future readers...

I decided to go for it anyway - the licence for Wayfinder alone was worth it - maybe not as good as TomTom but does the job for occasional routing. (£10 voucher has expired but still good value)

I thought from specification reviews that the N800 was smaller than the N770 so would fit into the car mount supplied. I fact, the N800 is too wide.

I "adapted" the bracket by removing the right hand side to allow the N800 to slide in from the right - Putting some felt on the back of the mount provides friction to help the N800 sliding out, although it's a tight enough fit anyway.

Have the supplied DC-4 power supply hard wired in to the dash, so now I havw a permanent solution ffor car sat nav.

Hope this helps...
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