Nokia X2 NEW on Orange PAYG - £59.99 with £10 Top-up (+£7.50 Quidco) @ E2Save

Nokia X2 NEW on Orange PAYG - £59.99 with £10 Top-up (+£7.50 Quidco) @ E2Save

Found 11th Sep 2010
Not a top-end phone... But with 5MP camera cannot be bad at this price... The cheapest price available for a NEW Nokia X2 phone.
£7.50 Cashback from Quidco as well.
Key Features

* Make good use of the 5.0-megapixel camera and all the other features the X2 has to offer to create quality pictures
* Tailor your music experience completely with dedicated media keys, sophisticated software and MP3 player/Radio capabilities
* Keep in contact at all times with Instant Messaging
* Save time and receive e-mail instantly by getting it “pushed” straight to you with push mail
* Have complete control over your music with dedicated media keys
* Sync and share to people and computers with Bluetooth ability

Further more, just follow the link to check its complete features.
Happy buying.


Its good to talk

Can anyone tell me what the organiser/calendar/alarm is like on this model please?

Is it anything like the X3 organiser?


Quids... Have a look on YouTube!


Quids... Have a look on YouTube!

Ta - was there anything in particular - wording - to search for?

This is the same price as carphone but carphone's phones are sim free but granted quidco brings the price down

will this phone be unlocaked as the payg phones?
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