Nook Color by Barnes & Noble Digital eBook Reader (Refurbished) for £155.69 delivered @

Nook Color by Barnes & Noble Digital eBook Reader (Refurbished) for £155.69 delivered @

Found 31st Jan 2012
i was looking for a decent 10 inch tablet and stumbled upon this, this is the cheapest i could find when i searched, android can be installed on this, if you visit XDA developers all the info you need should be there
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Shipping : £17.51
VAT : £24.53
Total : £155.69 . . .
I have one and it works really well as a budget android tablet. It is 7" and has no camera but it will take an external microSD card which puts it above the kindle fire IMO despite the slower processor. The screen is IPS so looks really nice. I could be wrong but I don't think the price you quoted includes VAT and you may well get stung with a handling charge from customs, too. I was lucky and got one of these and a nook simple touch from overstock for $140 which I thought was a bit of a steal but that was sent to a friend in the USA who brought it over for me.

Shipping : £17.51VAT : £24.53Total : £155.69 . . .

great.... i thought i saw something on the site that said something like "this price includes VAT, shipping etc"

thanks for letting me know anyway

edit - i read it wrong "Price includes an International Service Fee. Taxes, Duties, and Shipping additional
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