Nookii The Grown-up Game for Playful Couples   WAS £24.99, now £13.61 @ Amazon

Nookii The Grown-up Game for Playful Couples WAS £24.99, now £13.61 @ Amazon

Found 4th Jul 2010

Nookii is the grown-up game for playful couples, designed to enhance the private time you share together and bring extra fun to your love life. The Nookii cards have been created to generate sexy fun. You don't move around a board with Nookii you move around each other according to the instructions on the cards, subject to a time limit dictated by the dice. Based around roleplay suggestion cards on three fun levels; Mmm, Ooh and Aah. The object of play is to enjoy the other player according to the card instructions. Play Nookii anywhere, whether it's at home, in a hotel or on holiday. For 2 players only. Nookii was voted number one in The Daily Mirror adult games review and is regularly featured on TV as a great game for adults. Nookii is stylishly packaged so the pleasure starts as soon as you open the box. It's the perfect Valentine's gift, or something naughty for the weekend. Not suitable for persons under 18 years (The clue's in the name: Nookii).

Box Contents
90 x Scenario cards
1 x Silky scarf
1 x Do Not Disturb door sign
1 x Nookii timer
1 x Dice
Playing guidelines


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Overall, good reviews from this

" Very useful for us shy types
I was so nervous when my boyfriend suggested playing this but it actually worked a treat at pulling me out of my shell. "Because the card told me to" is a good reason for my inhibited self to say and do things I wouldn't consider otherwise. It properly dragged me out of my comfort zone and I was surprised by how thrilling it was"

to this

"This game is split into 3 levels, which get naughtier as they go along. While my boyfriend and I thought the 1st level was great, things didn't really heat up enough in the next 2. Also, we found the game a bit repetitive, having played it a few times. If you're already an adventurous couple looking for new ideas, you might find this game a bit too tame. We did have a laugh playing it, however"

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:whistling: Too many people got hangovers......:-D:oops:
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