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NordicTrack T Series Treadmills, Black - £699 @ Amazon

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In hunt for for treadmill to start new year fitness campaign.  £50 extra to have it built.
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    Have the old model of this for the past 13 years and it is still going strong. Highly recommended.
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    Or buy used from eBay or Gumtree. Plenty of them at half price and cheaper.
    Not easiest things to collect and move around 
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    I’m thinking of getting one for the missus and myself…we don’t really do fitness, so the cheaper I can get one the more money I’ll save when it doesn’t get used.
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    I can see a lot of these being sold on eBay in February "as new".
    Yeah, those are the people with no discipline and content to drift into their middle age with that ticking timebomb they won't face up to.
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    Couple of hundred more and Sole F85 is a solid treadmill
    Over twice as much cheapest I can see albeit quick look?
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    Looks good wonder if my delivery guy takes up two stairs inside the flat lol and build it.  
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    I have one for sale. 2 years old. Hardly used. £250

    Midlands (edited)
    Give you 20 quid for it
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    I am 13 stone and even using the machines at the gym. Expensive ones. I really smash up and down when running at 13/14km per hour
    Sorry - - read your post a few times, still at a loss. You saying you have this and it takes your weight and running style? You concerned it won't? Just trying to understand your point
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    This or the Reebok GT40S?
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    Restyle fitness do some really good refurbished machines. They don't have much in at the moment (cleared out at Xmas I guess), but they usually have quite a few. If this one is over budget or you are willing to hold out it's worth checking in a week or so. I think you can get a better model for less if you don't mind a refurbished (with warranty) machine.

    The Nordic track T10 model was on for £530, and the Nordic Track T6.5s Treadmill for £425.

    IFit membership is really good to keep you motivated and mix it up a bit. I travelled the world last year without leaving the garage (edited)
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    Are there any good ultra compact ones for someone looking to get started? This is too big, I need something I can fold up and keep in my room?

    I think maybe there will be some better deals in a few weeks once the rush for these have died down.