normally £3.99. Air freshener for your car. Clip on the vent.

normally £3.99. Air freshener for your car. Clip on the vent.

Found 13th Dec 2017
Car air freshener.

normally £3.99.

only this smell. Which is bubble gum.

it looks like a condom!

more expensive on eBay and Amazon
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There? Where?
sparklehedgehog9 m ago


Was aching to say it but felt mean... Elvis you really need to work on your listings and English... dont even know what you are getting at in your second post. Were you saying 'That old Chestnut' in response, because you've edited the person you are quoting rather than giving your reply. Your line...' there more expenses on eBay and Amazon' ... They're more expensive on Ebay and Amazon?' Sorry its me being pedantic but its really annoying. I'm not great at English myself so please feel free to tell me to shut up.
Edited by: "Gedfaz" 13th Dec 2017
Deal of the week lol
I'm sorry. I can't bring myself to vote hot for this due to the spelling. I'm sorry. I'm a bad human.
Voted cold. Post ruined by OP editing.
summerof7620 m ago


I like that on
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