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North Face Traction Mule Slippers - Pink - £27.50 + £3.95 delivery @ The North Face

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Great deal, but Pink. Warm & practical having the rubber soul.

Sizes 6-13 available

My pair from 8+years ago are still going strong.
The North Face More details at The North Face
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    If your a member it’s free postage
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    The thing about slippers is that I'm always kicking them off and putting them back on again throughout the day and these do look a bit of a nightmare having to bend over (ooh, matron) to slip back on again.

    I settled on Crocs for slippers as warm, practical and last years compared to average one-winter fabric offerings.
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    Best slippers I've had.... but they are BRIGHT. Still tempted though
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    I’ll pick a pair of these up next time I’m in sun zero temps.
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    I had some other Nort Face miles and wore through the sole in about three winters. This sole looks more durable.
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    Website is a waste of time.
    Tried paying by paypal, twice it shows a problem cannot process payment.
    Now tried paying by visa…..again it shows a problem, cannot process payment. 

    waste of time.
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    Just ordered thanks landed
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    Looks good but still too expensive
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    Isnt that tooo expensive for slippers ??
    49617634-bZh4B.jpgNah….. these barbour are £70 … can be had cheaper tho. They are comfy as hell though if you can get used to the raised bottoms for outside use.
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    Best slippers. Bright pink on me in size 13 is going to be mad flava
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    fugly as hell

    why would you?
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    8 years!? I go through 2-3 pairs of slippers a year, would be interesting to see how long these bad boys last me.
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    Thanks to the original op, I ordered these and got free postage as advised by others. They are brilliant (and that's not only the colour!!! ) they are more florescent orange than pink but even my size 13 feet look super cool with them on