NORTH & SOUTH - The Game for IOS (FREE!!!)

NORTH & SOUTH - The Game for IOS (FREE!!!)

Found 6th Jan 2017
Remember this game from the Amiga era? Free for the first time!

No in app purchases!

An absolute must for all retro fans! North & South offers the highly popular gameplay, now charged with intuitive touch controls especially designed for iPad.

It’s back at last: the Union (Northern States) against the Confederation (Southern States). The real-time strategy game set during the American Civil War (1861-1865) is as simple as it is fun to play!

The cartoon-style graphics give “North & South” its particular charm.

Experience a game full of variety and humor that recreates and enhances the feeling of the old days, so it will appeal to nostalgic old-gamers and new players alike!
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Its not free. Its £2.29
Yep, showing as £2.29 for me also.
Showing as $4.49 NZD for me
Shouldn't be expired; just checked and it is free and 'appzapp' reports the same.
It seems the iPad version is free and iPhone version is £2.29
There are a few versions, I found one that is free and appears to have no in-App purchases.
Still available so should be unexpired
Thanks. Just picked this up for free
The ampersand is very important when looking it up as there is another game with the same name
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People turned this cold for no reason.
just downloaded for free!!!
iPad free. iPhone 2.29
Thanks OP, got for free on iPad

People turned this cold for no reason.

Check the reviews, they have destroyed this game.
Original Poster

Check the reviews, they have destroyed this game.

The game is free isnt it? A bad game which is free is still a good deal or am i not understanding the purpose here?
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