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Northern Exposure - Complete Series [DVD] - £19.49 @ Amazon

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Joel Fleischman is a nebbishy Jewish doctor from New York City, and a fresh faced medical school graduate. He's also about to begin the four year service contract he promised to the state of Alaska, who financed his education. But he just happened to forget reading some of the stipulations in his contract, that has assigned him to the small post of Cicely, Alaska. A town of 215 people that welcomes it's newest resident with open arms. As he contends with the daily lives and rituals of these all too normal and trusting folk, Joel just might realize that Cicely's quieter ways are probably more civilized than the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Made up of Cicely's various residents, patients and friends of Fleischman include wealthy former astronaut Maurice Minnifield; feisty pilot Maggie O'Connell; Mayor and saloon owner Holling Vincoeur; his sweet, naive waitress girlfriend Shelly Tambo (who's old enough to be his daughter); intellectual ex-con and disc jockey Chris Stevens; Joel's far wiser and very quiet receptionist Marilyn Whirlwind; kindly store owner Ruth-Anne Miller, and avid film buff Ed Chigliak. Enjoy once again, now fully restored and sourced from hi-definition masters, all 110 episodes, over 6 seasons, with all the original music as you remember it.Northern Exposure was nominated for over fifty Emmy Awards, winning 7 and nominated for 10 Golden Globe awards, winning 2. It is a heart-warming comedy drama that has since become a cult classic

Bonus Material:

4 and a half hours of bonus content including:

Deleted Scenes

Gag Reels

Promo Reels

Unexposed Footage
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    Heated. One of my faves too. Not sure how well it has aged, especially around the attitude to indigenous peoples, but probably better than most similar works. such great writing, acting and characters! Recommended!
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    Yep great show and this sounds good

    The REALLY complete collection.
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 on 25 October 2022
    After several purchases of nearly complete collections we finally have the COMPLETE complete collection with all the original cuts restored and the original music back and royalties be damned. It doesn't get better than this!
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    Looks like it's now back up to £71.56
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    Heat added as one of my favourite series from the 90s.
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    Thanks OP I’ve been waiting for this kind of price!
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    Brilliant series. Would jump on this if I didn't already have it. Heat.
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    Already have the full set but at this price I'm buying again to get the restored music. Best TV show ever imho. Absolute bargain.
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    Some ironic heat added here, still have all the individual sessions I bought over the years..
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    Have been holding out for the blu-ray for the past year or so but it's never dropped below £90. I'd be a fool to keep holding on for that when the DVD is so cheap. Bought/heat. (edited)
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    Thanks op. Never seen any episodes but bought on reputation alone.
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    This is one of the series that followed in the wake of Twin Peaks. Offbeat but less sinister obviously. Good show. Fleischman and Maggie had that Moonlighting Bruce Willis/Cyril Shephard love/hate thing too which added to its charm. (edited)
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    First two, maybe three, series were wonderful. Trebuchets for the cows! and pianos!