Northern Lights City Breaks with Iceland Air from £299pp

Northern Lights City Breaks with Iceland Air from £299pp

Found 24th Mar 2013
Travel to Iceland and see the amazing Northern Lights from only £299pp with Iceland Air.

Prices per person from.... Dbl/Twin Single
2* Hotel Cabin; Basic and modern hotel located between the city centre and Laugardalur valley with great views over the Faxafloi bay £299 £329
2* Hotel Leifur: A small and friendly family run hotel in a great location just across the Hallgrimskirkja church £413 £441
3* Hotel Klettur: Recently opened Scandinavian style hotel which received a Tripadvisor certificate of excellence for 2012 £323 £377
3* Fosshotel Baron: A few minute walk from the city centre but away from the noise of the nightlife £331 £427
4* Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina: Opening earlier this year, Marina is a fun and quirky hotel in a great location next to the harbour £403 £485
4* Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura: Recently refurbished warm and friendly legacy hotel. Its focus is on the Icelandic atmosphere with local art, events and food. Swimming pool, sauna and spa located at the hotel. £352 £434
4* Hilton Reykjavik Nordica: Classy and elegant hotel mixing local tradition and global trends. Among facilities is a spa, gym and award winning restaurant VOX £370 £470

Enjoy the Icelandic landscape and culture, sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Return flights
Accommodation for 3 nights at chosen hotel
Breakfast included at Hotel Cabin, Hotel Leifur, Hotel Klettur and Fosshotel Baron
Northern Lights tour booked on the evening after arrival (day 2)
1st Sept - 15th Oct at 22:00 (pick up from hotels at 21:30)
16th Oct -14th March Departure at 21:00 (pick up from hotels at 20:30)
15th March - 15th April Departure at 22:00 (pick up from hotels at 21:30)
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We did this in February with Iceland Air... Great deal and the optional excursions are all worth the money (lot cheaper than elsewhere). The Northern Lights is included in the ticket price and they will take you each night until you see them... Which for us didn't happen! was still a really interesting few days away though. My advice is stay central - the big named hotel chains are out in the suburbs... We stayed at Liefur Ericsson and although basic it was clean with a fab location!
We stayed at the Leifur Ericsson as well, amazing location and nice breakfast - another tip, check out the Blue Lagoon Spa just beautiful!!!

Also we did the Golden Circle tour which was really nice and seen some beautiful sights...

thanks OP
Thanks. Definitely interested in doing this.
Nice info guys , what this site is all about i think.
We were told to keep an eye on the Space Weather Forecast ( and wait for a storm and book to coincide with that- I'm not sure of the science behind this, but it certainly worked for us*. We were also advised to take the first flight in the morning to Höfn - at that time of the year the early morning sun was shining up through the glacier (the pilot circled so that no-one missed it). I don't think technology exists to capture it, or a language exists to describe it.

*It gives a few weeks notice, but I do appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to do a Trillian .....

oh would so love to go ..............

Whenever i go to the link i see the £399.. But when i put in the flight details at goes upto £500-600...
Ah I would love to go too....
Really bad website. Finding it impossible to find any good prices from London and to search, you need to select every permutation i.e. date, then flights. Cheapest I found is £605. Anyone found any £399s?

Really bad website. Finding it impossible to find any good prices from … Really bad website. Finding it impossible to find any good prices from London and to search, you need to select every permutation i.e. date, then flights. Cheapest I found is £605. Anyone found any £399s?

Im the same, cant find £399 anywhere. Only mention i see of £399 is when u click the Price Tab.
It just seems wrong to actually pay to go somewhere where it's colder than here
Always wanted to see the northern lights.
This one would be stunning accommodation.
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I've had quite a few breaks in cold countries, mainly because my birthday is in January and we've decided to have a city break. All cold destinations and I've absolutely loved every one. If you wear the right clothes the cold needn't matter. My record is minus 39 degrees, northern Sweden. Now THAT was chilly!!!
went last March, was AMAZING. Paid a lot more than this, think it was more like 700 so if 399 is right (for 2?) that's a steal
chances of seeing northern lights from reykjavik are pretty slim . near enough zero ... if you want to see the northern lights, go to Greenland ..
it amazes me how they use it as a tourism ruse ... again and again and again .. my wife and i fell for it .. ended up chasing nothing for 3 nights in a row. waste of time.

the rest of the capital was great. REally recommend glacier walking and husky sledding.
In that case I got very lucky...

I've spent quite a bit of time touring Iceland & climbing when I was younger, it's a destination well worth the effort, as is getting a cheap trip to Norway "cheap" is used relatively when talking Scandic countries.

Northern lights are always a gamble, but as the old rule go's when going north to see them don't settle for north, get as far as possible as part of your itinery, it's a pretty developed country nowadays & the "big road" is well maintained ..worth doing a complete lap of!

..memories of pulling up in our big 4x4 on he edge of the golden falls (& others) watching the sun come up, dangling feet over the edge, just holding onto the grass for purchase.

They have a wee ski-set up out there too!

Camping is good of course & well catered for more rugged / mobile types, plan your itinery so you can make use of the many htermal pools dotted about in the wilderness, unlike the powerstation pool, just remember to take the waters temperature in case there's strong geo-thermal activity making it a restricted & skin flaying experience otherwise.
(oh & there is a strong belief in gnomes / supernatural ...don't mock they canbe incredibly serious about it).

could not find any 399 with all the combinations.
I'm sure there are Northern lights flights from Newcastle, you don't land, just a 3 hour flight I think, north
I am from Iceland and the northern lights can very easily be seen in Reykjavik although I would recommend driving out of the city. Should take you no more than 15 min and you are in the wilderness. This website gives very accurate forecast of the lights…ast

I would highly recommend that people book flights separately and search for a hotel online. You can get a very good deal if you are flexible on dates. Also you can rent a car at a resonable rate as long as you book in advance. The ring road (highway number 1) goes the whole circle so it is almost impossible to get lost and there are loads of gems worth seeing on the whole south coast. Please be awear that Hekla (a large volcano) is due to erupt possible any day now : )

I have not voted on this deal since people seem to be struggling to get this price and if you are willing to do a bit of research you can do Iceland on a budget.
Can you believe it? From Poznań (Poland) to Oslo return ticket cost 8 quid.

Can you believe it? From Poznań (Poland) to Oslo return ticket cost 8 … Can you believe it? From Poznań (Poland) to Oslo return ticket cost 8 quid.

That's a good price but for the best chance to see the Northern Lights in Norway, you need to be up north somewhere like Tromso

We went to Tromso at the beginning of December 2012, had one rubbish night looking for the lights but the following night was just outstanding. Actual jaw dropping experience.
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Quick tip if anyone does go out looking for the Northern Lights.. Take loads of photos if you see even the tiniest whisps... and DONT delete them if they are just black.

I went last year and took loads, people on the bus were reviewing pictures as we chased the reported sightings and deleting things.. I kept all mine, tweaked them a bit with photoshop once I got home (couple of seconds for each photo), and got some pretty good shots that would have been deleted otherwise as they looked black in the preview and on the PC until I tweaked them a bit.

Also yeah i stayed at Leiffur Eriksson as well! Its pretty well located and was clean, with a little free hot drinks area downstairs (which you need when you come in freezing)

Also.. food is very expensive in Iceland.. but they do a mean hotdog for about 60p in most shops.. Highly recommended (Especially as a steak with no side can be around £40 on its own)
Sounds expensive to me.
I got flights to Iceland for about £128 recently. I'm sure you can buy 3 hotel nights and a tour for less than £270.
You can see them pretty good in Scotland.
Is it true what they say about the Blue Lagoon that there is more action in it than a Hugh Hefner partyoO
Be prepared to pay the same money again for food and drink, very high prices in Iceland ie minimum £7 a pint, £9 for small fish and chips...
That is a myth a11bee. Prices are more normal since their banking collapse. Food is still high but if you're on a budget buy stuff at supermarkets. You will find pints for around £4 though.

Also here's a big one. Don't exchange your money over here. You will get a terrible exchange rate compared to cash machines in Iceland. They use cards for many things too, things you wouldn't normally use a card for here. But check your bank fees before doing that.

This one would be stunning accommodation.

Where is this place? Looks amazing!
I went last March and stayed at the Leifur Ericsson, and agree with the previous posters. It's clean, friendly, excellent location, and the free drinks area is a brill way of swopping stories, good restaurants, even photos (we deleted ours and someone else kindly donated theirs). It's also near good restaurants in several price brackets. We saw the Lights from our table while having dinner on our last night: what a bonus. Oh, and we paid £399 for 4 nights from Manchester (£399 for 3 nights).

This one would be stunning accommodation.

Where and what hotel is this?

Where is this place? Looks amazing!


Where and what hotel is this?…tml?aid=311076;label=hotelli-kakslauttanen-dwbYP74UFLrdhpxQFOe5UwS11115935700:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap1t2:neg;ws=&gclid=CLn9lf6K5LYCFbQetAodqiEANg

Thanks, looks amazing and not as expensive as i expected.
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